Joni Mitchell made a surprise appearance for a full set Sunday at the 2022 Newport Folk Festival, joining Brandi Carlile. Two ladies were joined by Blake Mills, Taylor Goldsmith, Marcus Mumford, Wynonna Judd, Lucius’ Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, and others. Over 13 songs, Mitchell sat around on couches on-stage playing a mix of her favorite oldies ('Why Do Fools Fall in Love', 'Love Potion No. 9') as well as an array of her masterpieces. Rolling Stone reports from the fest.

Pearl Jam have cancelled their show in Vienna, after Eddie Vedder developed throat problems following an outdoor gig in Paris. On Thursday, the band also nixed their show scheduled for Friday in Prague, the Guardian reports. The band explained that "due to the extreme circumstances at the last outdoor site outside of Paris (heat, dust, and smoke from the fires) our singer Ed Vedder’s throat was left damaged". Also from the PJ camp: Eddie Vedder booted a fan out of a Pearl Jam concert in Zurich after they started a fight with another attendee - "you’re out of here. Violence is not allowed”, Vedder said.

There were 131.3 million album-sale-equivalent units of ‘Current’ music registered in the United States in the first six months of this year, down by nearly 2 million units, or 1.4%, on the 133.1 million from the first half of the prior year, MBW reports. Total Album Consumption of all music in the United States (that’s ‘Current’ + ‘Catalog’) grew by 9.3% YoY in H1 2022 to 475.4 million. Meaning the popularity of ‘Catalog’ music grew considerably, up by 14.0% YoY to 344.1 million TAC units. ‘Catalog’ took a 72.4% market share in H1 2022, as ‘Current’ music’s share fell by a full 3% to just 27.6%. 'Catalog' is all music older than 18 months.

"Listeners—especially young ones—are not concerned with what category each track falls under, but instead in how each track makes them feel. The abundance of homemade playlists coupled with the popularity of experimentation has made the fixation on traditional genres akin to insisting that the guy has to pay for dinner on a first date... Organizing music by mood finds promise in one simple fact: some people can’t tell you what genre a song falls under, but everyone can tell you how it makes them feel" - Tiffany Ng points out in her new essay about genre-less times.

The New Cue has shared an excerpt from Ted Kessler's new book 'Paper Cuts' describing how he lost his Doc Marten's boots in Paris metro: "'Where are you from?’ asks one.
‘London,’ I say, ‘but I live here.’
‘Ah, OK,’ says the mod-skin. He sizes me up. ‘Is that where you get those Docs from?’
‘Let’s swap.’
I look at his feet. He has massive old canvas army boots on, covered in stains. They look terrible.
‘No thanks.’"

“We’ll be hearing about it for the next 10 years at least, in terms of a reference point in marketing meetings” - Jonathan Palmer of record label and music publisher BMG, said about the "boom" of Kate Bush's 'Running Up That Hill' after being used in 'Stranger Things'. The same is happening with Metallica's 'Master of Puppets' since being used in the show's finale earlier this month. Last year we've seen a similar pattern with TikTok. "The triple bonanza of a TV sync spiralling into music streaming services and TikTok is something that cannot be orchestrated though, only capitalised upon" - Guardian points out.

A closed type of a hotel now

Three men busted for stolen Eagles lyrics

Glenn Horowitz, Edward Kosinski and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame curator Craig Inciardi have been accused of attempting to sell handwritten notes and lyrics by The Eagles’ co-founder Don Henley, the Variety reports. Officials estimated that notes and lyrics of ‘Hotel California’ and ‘Life In The Fast Lane’ are worth over $1 million. Henley has been trying to recover the documents for years after they were stolen in the 1970s and according to officials, pawned off to Horowitz in 2005. Horowitz, Inciardi and Kosinski then allegedly began selling to various auction houses, as well as trying to coerce Henley into buying them back.

Vox partnered with data analysis website The Pudding to figure out what happens between a song going viral and an artist becoming a bonafide success. "It turns out the app is completely revolutionizing the way record labels work, and giving artists more leverage than ever".

Crosby, Stills & Nash have returned to Spotify after a five-month boycott, which they started by joining Neil Young’s protest against the platform—citing misinformation about COVID-19 and vaccines. Other artists such as Joni Mitchell, Crazy Horse’s Nils Lofgren, and India.Arie also joined the boycott in the winter, Graham Nash said in a statement that Spotify has “taken a positive step by adding a Covid content advisory to podcasts that include a conversation about Covid, directing listeners to a Covid information hub", Paste Magazine reports. Crosby, Stills & Nash appear to be the first of the high-profile departures to return to the platform.

People are strange, wher your music is strange

An interesting thought about "weird" music

Jennifer Lucy Allan shared an interesting thought about "weird" music in a Music Journalism Insider interview: I think there’s something deeply conservative about pointing out something’s weird, I always imagine it being said in inverted commas, or with a sneer. Even worse is using it with pride to distance yourself from so-called pop music. It’s not weird music, it’s unfamiliar music—often unfamiliar to you. The logical conclusion of this is a stagnation of the mind and the ear. Total nightmare.

From the relics of strife and destruction, the duo of Moor Mother and DJ Haram use raw materials at hand to mend, build and redesign. The fabrics they use include fringe club music, hip hop sampling, Middle Eastern drums, slam poetry, - punk rock, jazz and noise, all coalescing in a knife-edge fashion, keenly political above all else" - Beats per Minute stresses introducing the debut album by 700 Bliss. The Line of Best Fit insists "'Nothing To Declare' is peculiar in both sound and concept... a great project bursting with genre-bending sounds and heart-wrenching lyrics that perfectly capture the times". Pitchfork called it a "noisy, thrillingly confrontational album".

Since 1996, the so-called “Big Four” Grammy Awards - Album of The YearRecord of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist - have been awarded to 67 recipients. Of these, only five are hip-hop: Lauryn Hill (AOTY, Best New Artist); OutKast (AOTY); Chance The Rapper (Best New Artist); Childish Gambino (SOTY, ROTY); and Megan Thee Stallion (Best New Artist). The Grammy Awards’ holy trifecta – “AOTY”, “ROTY”, and “SOTY” – has eluded him despite nine nominations. How much more impact would Kendrick have had with one – let alone several – well-deserved Big Four win(s)? - Trapital asks in the latest newsletter.

R. Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison after being found guilty of all counts of racketeering and sex trafficking against him at his Brooklyn federal trial last year, CNN reports. Prior to sentencing, seven of Kelly’s victims addressed the court - “I am a representation of every woman, boy, child, man that you have ever afflicted with your deplorable, inexplicable acts and with that I leave you with yourself, Robert Sylvester Kelly” - “Angela” said to Kelly - “You used your fame and power to groom and coach underage boys and girls for your own sexual gratification". “These crimes were calculated and carefully planned and regularly executed for almost 25 years” - judge Ann Donnelly told the defendant announcing the prison sentence of 30 years for Kelly, five years more than the minimum prosecutors sought.

On Friday (June 24), a free livestream performance from the Backstreet Boys was watched by 45 million viewers in China via WeChat, the social app owned by Chinese tech giant Tencent Holdings, MBW reports. It was the highest-attended livestream concert on WeChat by an international artist. An additional element to the event saw UK-headquartered Driift, a producer and promoter of live streamed music events, produce a guest appearance on the livestream from Irish boy band Westlife. Broadcast from Smock Alley in Dublin and directed by Chris Howe and, the Driift-produced livestream saw the two boy bands duet remotely on the Backstreet Boys’ hit 'I Want It That Way' and Westlife’s 'My Love'.

Music theorist Adam Neely answers several new questions in his latest video: Why does E - A/E - E - E/G# - A sound so good? WRONG chord progression. What's the "third steam?" What is the craziest chord you can play? Why no classical bass, but classical guitar? Should people take AP music theory? What's your favorite/least favorite thing about the nYC scene? Is clickbait unavoidable?

h threats to our physical, psychological, and emotional well-being, and in order to feel safe and secure, we’ve had to get a bit more resourceful than usual. Enter dissociation, the response at the root of so much trauma" - Pitchfork introduces its longread about "dissociation culture", including "dissociation music". The author finds examples in songs by Mitski, Drakeo the Ruler, Black Midi, and many more.

How will digital technology shape the future of live music - that's the theme of the Guardian podcast about Abba Voyage, a digital Abba tour which debuted in London last month. The production cost £140m. The Guardian’s head rock and pop critic, Alexis Petridis, and the Guardian’s deputy music editor, Laura Snapes, were there. Was it history in the making?

Jazz bassist and music theorist Adam Neely shared a new video of himself "sucking" at playing metal, with the help of his friend, a metalhead Rob Scallon. He makes a full song in an hour and a half, playing all the instruments, and singing - 'I love my mom". Scallon did the same thing, just in the opposite direction - he plays jazz. Watch both videos - 50 minutes of pure music joy...

Tablet Magazine published an interesting longread about Ariel Pink being cancelled after attending January 6 attempted coup d'état. "Rosenberg’s career is the story of how indie rock purged monsters that the culture had wrongly tolerated—or perhaps it’s the story of how even the most supposedly open sectors of the American creative scene abruptly slammed shut, losing any remaining patience for the complexities and cognitive dissonances that form the bulk of human existence. Both are really the same story, of how American culture got so stupid and so boring so quickly".

Lizzo has decided to change the lyrics in 'Grrrls' the latest single from her forthcoming LP 'Special', after receiving criticism for using ableist language. The song’s original lyrics, “Hold my bag, bitch, hold my bag/Do you see this shit? I’ma spaz,” have been changed to: “Do you see this shit? Hold me

With a beat inspired by South Asian music seasoned with a dash of South LA, and lyrics [in Urdu] that demand respect from oppressors, 'Rozi' will make anyone feel like a superhero" - Consequence presents the new single by Eva B. She has been called Pakistan's first female rapper. who decided to keep her face and identity hidden.

42-year-old Daniel Lucey with the word "GOD" on his shirt tried to burn down the Satanic Temple building on Bridge Street in Salem, MA on Friday night, the Boston Globe reports. Lucey has since confessed to traveling to Salem with the intention of lighting the temple on fire, and that he intended for it to be a hate crime.

A fun new video post by Adam Neely with YouTubers giving musical advice to beginners in five words or less. Plenty of advice: listen to various music, practice a lot, love what you do and others will love it too, don't try to please somebody else, and plenty more...

Music YouTuber Rick Beato dedicated his latest video to guitarist Alan Mearns. Beato starts his video by presenting Mearns' early music - folk and straight rock - only to finish it with his latest album, which is guitar covers of JS Bach. Beato repeats the word "beautiful" several times. Quite right!

"Harry Styles’s new album 'Harry’s House' generated 62% of its first-week revenue from vinyl sales. Its vinyl sales generated more than three times its revenue from streaming, which accounted for just 18%. - Trapital's Dan Runcie starts his latest newsletter. "Vinyls shift puts more power in the hands of record labels, who have to determine inventory for each artist given the supply chain constraints. Will they treat vinyls like a hype-driven collectible item? Or will it be subject to the same industry patterns that hold certain genres back?".

Mariah Carey is being sued by New Orleans songwriter Andy Stone for $20 million in damages over her holiday hit 'All I Want for Christmas Is You'. Stone alleges that he co-wrote a song with the same title five years prior to Carey’s release. Stone’s song was recorded by his country-pop band Vince Vance & the Valiants and released in 1989. Carey’s single was issued on her 1994 Merry Christmas LP. Pamela Koslyn, a Los Angeles attorney specializing in music and intellectual property rights, noted there are 177 works, many of them musical compositions, with 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' as the title. “Song titles aren’t entitled to copyright protection” Koslyn added, Deadline reports. Apart from the title, it is truly hard to find similarities between the two songs.

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MBW investigated a curious case of an obscure artist/record label, variously known as Diversify and Variegate, who was/were profiting by purposely tagging big-name artists as primary collaborators, thus reaching said artists’ fanbases via algorithmic music delivery systems like Spotify’s Release Radar? "One suspects DSPs will eventually offer some widespread form of 'profile locking' that prevents fake uploads. But until then,  highly inventive 'artists' can  drive millions of streams – conservatively earning tens of thousands of dollars each – from the distribution of songs with intentionally incorrect metadata".

Adam Neely's band Sungazer couldn't start a synth on their Hamburg show on a boat, which inspired the YouTube music theorist to make a video about stage fright. "Fear can be a good thing because it keeps you present and it keeps you hungry... We can use our fear and redirect our energy back out onto the audience to give our performances more vivid emotional color" - is the conclusion.

The Mars Volta have reunited and announced a new album with single 'Blacklight Shine', 'Graveyard Loce' and 'Vigil'. Many fans weren't happy with its latin-rock/yacht-rock sound. But the MV's main two boys don't really mind, as they say in the Guardian interview. “I’m not bound by genre. The only thing that matters is if music makes you feel something” - says Omar Rodríguez-López, and adds: “Losing ‘fans’ is baked into what we do. I don’t know a greater happiness than losing ‘fans’. A true fan is someone interested in what’s happening now, and then there’s everyone else trying to control what you do or project on to it. I have an aversion to that. That sounds like school. That sounds like the government. That sounds like the police. And unfortunately that’s what a lot of people who think they’re fans end up thinking like”. His bandmate Cedric Bixler-Zavala goes back to the perspective of the band: "Omar said the Mars Volta can be whatever we

Beyoncé and Lizzo amended their songs following criticism by fans on social media. The Face argues in favor of the (responsible) power of the people: "In the case of ​“sp*z” and derogatory terms in music, cultural customs (i.e. the use of problematic terms when ignorant) don’t necessarily align with the ​“right” and ​“justified” action in real time. Values change over time, and so does the context of certain words. It’s OK for artists to learn, like every flawed human on the planet. Evolution and dismantling harmful practices is something to be embraced and welcomed, not scrutinised. These days, artists are scanning social media for feedback and potential edit suggestions. Let’s hope the fans use their power responsibly".

They still got it - that disco glam-trash garage-rock that Yeah Yeah Yeahs got famous for is right there in 'Burning'. It's short, direct, and powerful. Count on the lyric "Whatcha gonna do when you get to the water" to get stuck in your head. Watch the video below.

One man died and at least 40 others were injured as high winds exceeding 82 km/h (51 mph) caused part of the main stage at Medusa Festival in Valencia, Spain to collapse early Saturday morning (August 13), BBC reports. The festival grounds were promptly evacuated afterwards and organizers have since canceled the rest of the event.

YouTube music theorist 12tone's new video serves exactly like a late-night show - in 24 minutes it's fun, engaging, clever, and has plenty of music (well, parts of one song, actually). 12tone reconstructs Tom Petty's 'Free Fallin'' - "the most LA song ever written. 'Free Fallin'' is both Tom Petty's celebration and his admonishment of my adopted city, wrapped in layers of complex production and lyrical nuance that challenge listeners to reexamine their concepts of freedom while also being just super fun to sing along with".

Belgian band Brutus go into melodic hard-rock with their latest song 'Liar', taken from the album 'Unison Life' available October 21. It goes deeper into the melodic metal they have stepped in on the previous album 'Nest'. Brutus vocalist Stefanie Mannaerts explains the idea behind the song: “When things get a bit more difficult or when relationships demand too much energy, I choose to avoid confronting things, or just lie about it for the sake of keeping the peace. At that point it just seems like the easy thing to do so that nobody gets hurt. But in the long run, those well-intentioned lies will catch up with you, and the peace you thought you'd found turns out to be an illusion.” The music video has been filmed in Morocco.

The animated music theorist 12tone went on a quest of describing what makes something butt rock? What does it mean, and what does it sound like? He sees three stages of the genre and defines what exactly it sounds like. Fun video.

Just have to find those MP3s

Winamp is back after a revamp

The popular third-party Windows application for digital audio playback, the good old Winamp s back, Gizmodo reports. Developers posted the latest build of the software late last month, four years since its last update. At the peak of the download era, Winamp was renowned for its ability to play most popular audio formats and the customization of the user interface.

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