Take over the world
August 29, 2023

Posthumous Jaimie Branch album of "jazz improvisation with punk aggression and post-hip-hop nonchalance" released

"As the band name suggests, there was a breakneck, YOLO verve to everything Branch did that goes double here. Wolf-like howls punctuate these tracks, vying for primacy with scything, bowed strings. Rhythms drive, tumble and sashay" - the Guardian writes reviewing the posthumous album by jazz trumpeter Jaimie Branch and her bend Fly or Die (5 of 5 stars is the verdict). Pitchfork points out that "'((world war))' provides a precious document of her artistry... and a reminder that the struggle for a better world is a beautiful and worthwhile endeavor" (tagged in Best New Music, with grade 8.5). Treblezine likes how borderless and non-final it is: "These nine songs burst about with full-throttle, hellion-rowdy, freaky consciousness-expanding shaman type verve... If anything, it’s a lovely bouillabaisse of branch’s way of gathering the tribes and bringing folks together".