People don't recognize Paul McCartney on public transport, as he said to the BBC, well, actually, they don't SEE him. On the rare occasion he takes public transport, he says people are often too distracted by their phones to spot him. "If I'm on a train, I see everybody else just looking at their screens," […]

The Aerosmith, 'The Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon and his house band The Roots played a version of Boston rockers' classic 'Walk This Way' using only - classroom instruments, Loudwire reports. Like previous editions of this 'Tonight Show' bit, the band, The Roots and Fallon all cram into a small room, making sure to all get into […]

Fans were forcefully removed from a Dua Lipa concert in Shanghai, China, on Wednesday. Some social media users have said people were forcibly removed because they were dancing. Others have also said that it was because they were waving pro-gay rights flags, Daily Mail reported. Videos posted on social media show security workers pulling people […]

Controversial new copyright laws have been approved by members of the European Parliament. The legislation had been changed since July when the first version of the copyright directive was voted down. Critics say it remains problematic. Many musicians and creators claim the reforms are necessary to fairly compensate artists. But opponents fear that the plans […]

The first-known recording by David Bowie has sold at auction in Britain for £39.360, fetching around four times the expected price of £10.000. The recording was made when he was the 16-year-old singer of a band called the Konrads. Bowie left the Konrads shortly afterwards and did not achieve stardom until six years later. Promotional sketches by […]

Drake leads the field of nominees for the 2018 BET Hip Hop Awards with 11 nominations. Cardi B follows Drake with 10 nominees, Childish Gambino has six, Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar have five. Billboard...

Quite a collaboration - Tom Waits sings 'Bella Ciao' on Marc Ribot's new album 'Songs of Resistance 1948 – 2018', out September 14. This is a first new Tom Waits song in two years. It is an anti-fascist Italian folk ballad, Ribot says Waits sounds "exactly like an old ‘partigiano’!”. Listen in on Pitchfork. Video directed […]

The success of grime has helped diverse, diasporic tracks to hit the charts - Guardian says in an article about how it has now opened doors for a host of other genres of black British music. On the one side, there is the tabloid-worrying, tonally dark road rap and UK drill scenes, with artists including […]

Kanye West debuted his highly anticipated eighth studio album, YE, at a star-studded listening party Thursday night at Wyoming ranch. On Thursday, West flew out hundreds of journalists, celebrities and music industry vets to Jackson Hole, Wyoming's Diamond Cross Ranch for a massive listening party that included Chris Rock, Nas, Kid Cudi, Jonah Hill, Lil Yachty and […]

Belle and Sebastian have officially announced a music festival boat cruise - The Boaty Weekender is a four-day “floating festival and luxury cruise around the Mediterranean” that will feature live performances from Belle and Sebastian and other acts selected by the band, plus Q&A sessions, panels, theme parties, and much more. The band will also […]

NME has a list of the best long-running songs in pop, from The Orb and their 'Blue Room', an album length song of 39 minutes and 57 seconds, to Prince's almost Eurovision-short 'Purple Rain' at just 8m42s.

Guardian has a lovely story about strange, lonely and frequently ridiculous life of men who were once in boybands. "I kind of looked like an old lesbian aunt” - that's how Brian McFadden describes himself, post-Westlife when he started solo career, and had to chose his own clothes and haircut. Derek Moran of the Irish band D-Side […]

“The Thai punk scene in the past has only cared about partying. I organised this event because I think punk should be rebellious. I care about freedom and rights.” - one of the organizers of Thai punk concert told Guardian. The show was held earlier this month, marking the fourth anniversary of military rule in the […]

Drake's single 'Nice For What' returned to #1 on the Hot 100 chart, and his 'Yes Indeed' collaboration with Lil Baby came 6th, which earned him the distinction of passing Elvis Presley on an exclusive list - it's Drake's 26th Top 10 entry, one more than Elvis. Madonna maintains the #1 position with 38 Top 10s, […]

YouTube says it has deleted more than half of the "violent" music videos that Britain's most senior police officer asked it to take down - Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick has blamed some videos for fuelling a surge in murders and violent crime in London - and singled out drill music. She asked YouTube to […]

Stewart Lupton, frontman of cult New York indie rock band Jonathan Fire*Eater, has died aged 43. The band formed in the early 90s in Washington DC, initially as the Ignobles, before a move to New York where their lineup and name changed, with Lupton taking on vocals. They released their self-titled debut in 1995, and […]

Thursday night, James Blake shared a somber piano ballad called 'Don't Miss It', after surveying responses to the song, the songwriter noticed the frequency with which people described him as an alleged “sad boy.” In a statement on Twitter, Blake speaks out about his frustration with the phrase, which he finds “unhealthy and problematic when used […]

Snoop Dogg made history on the BottleRock Napa Valley festival in Northern California, - he made world’s largest paradise cocktail… The drink was aptly titled 'Gin & Juice', the standout single from his debut album 'Doggystyle'. On stage with Uncle Snoop was fellow rapper Warren G and Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio, who graced the Williams […]

South Korean boy band BTS have become the first K-pop artists to reach number one on the US album charts. For the week ending on 24 May their new album 'Love Yourself, Tear' came in at 135,000 album units - which are based on sales, downloads and streams of albums - pushing the previous weeks' chart […]

The Flaming Lips have launched a new podcast that offers fans the chance to listen to a “song by song” history of the band. Episode one of the new series, titled ‘Socerer’s Orphan’, is available now. The podcast is presented by multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd and the first episode sees the musician talk about ‘Enthusiasm for […]

London is to introduce a contactless payment scheme for buskers in what organisers say is a world first. The project Busk in London will allow street musicians across London to accept payments via cash, contactless cards, wearable technology and chip and pin. Charlotte Campbell, a full-time busker in London, said she had seen a “significant […]

As Canada’s first ‘consent captain’, Tanille Geib can be found wandering most nights of the week through drunken crowds on a dance floor in the western Canadian city of Victoria - – she’s there to help patrons navigate the sometimes murky world of flirting, dating and hooking up in the wake of the #MeToo movement. Geib was […]

Two weeks after Spotify removed music by R Kelly and rapper XXXTentacion from its editorial playlists, in accordance with its new "hateful conduct" policy, the streaming platform will restore music by the latter in response to a backlash from the industry and its own staff. Spotify announced the "hate conduct and hateful conduct" policy on […]

Composer Ramin Djawadi will use local orchestras alongside his own soloists from the United States as he travels across Europe, in a Game of Thrones themed tour. They cover Europe with 23 shows, and USA with 25. The 2018 dates for the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience Featuring Ramin Djawadi will include new music […]

Spotify will pay out $112m in a settlement agreement, following two lawsuits that claimed songwriters hadn’t been paid enough in royalties for their work being streamed on the service. The class action, a combination of the two lawsuits, originally came from David Lowery, an musicians’ rights advocate from the band Camper Van Beethoven, and Melissa […]

“For years I couldn’t even listen to any music, let alone a Nirvana song. When Kurt died, every time the radio came on, it broke my heart” Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl sad GQ in an interview. He adds, “I don’t put Nirvana records on, no. Although they are always on somewhere. I get in the car, […]

Will Smith is returning to music by lending his rap vocals to the official song of the 2018 soccer World Cup, a collaboration with Diplo, reggaeton star Nicky Jam, and Kosovar singer Era Istrefi. The tournament will begin in Russia next month, although fans will likely have to wait to hear Will perform, as the […]

Parliament have released their first studio album in 38 years - a new 23-track, near-two-hour album from the seminal George-Clinton-led funk unit entitled 'Medicaid Fraud Dogg' unexpectedly surfaced on streaming services yesterday. The release of the sprawling album was preceded by the band’s January comeback single 'I'M Gon Make U Sick O'Me' which features Scarface. Clinton […]

Neurosurgeons have described in detail how Michael Jackson achieved biomechanically impossible dance moves in his music video Smooth Criminal. In the 1987 routine, Jackson leans from the ankle at a 45 degree angle, while keeping his body straight as a rod. The illusion, which many have tried to copy, was thanks to specially designed shoes […]

Jayy Grams

Baltimore rapper Jayy Grams has a great new song and video 'Hood Tales' about violence; 'In a Good Way' by Faye Webster is a simple love song, emanating strength through simplicity; 'Leader Of The Delinquents' by Kanye West's collaborator Kid Cudi is smooth and jazzy hip-hop; Wailin Storms play doom-grunge on 'Rattle'; 'But There’s Still The Moon' is some smooth soul by Tasha; Dougie Poole is a "weird country" singer from Brooklyn, proving the fact with 'Vaping on the Job'; Angel Olsen debuted two new songs on her recent livestream; Canadian Powfu's 'Death Bed' first exploded at Tik Tok, it's a type of song UK grimers would really appreciate.

Ticketmaster is set to start offering refunds in May for over 18,000 shows affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Billboard reports. Once a postponed live performance has confirmed its rescheduled dates, fans who have purchased tickets via Ticketmaster will be emailed to offer the option of refunding their purchase. If the refund is not accepted within 30 days, the ticket will remain valid for the rescheduled dates. If the show is cancelled, it will be refunded automatically. Live Nation, who merged with Ticketmaster in 2010, are also running a scheme called ‘Rock When You’re Ready’, which allows fans to receive 150% credit for their tickets to be used on a future Live Nation event. They can also donate tickets to health workers, via a scheme called ‘Hero Nation’. In total, so far, the company has 55,000 events on its platform representing $2 billion in ticket sales for all of 2020.

NME reports from Plan B, a Malmö venue - the only one in Europe, legally at least, that continues to put on shows. In a room that can hold 350, capacity is restricted to 40 punters – plus a sound engineer, two members of staff and the band, bringing the number up to the guidelines of 50 people in total. Punters are not allowed to walk up to the bar; card machine-wielding staff operate a table service of sorts by milling around the crowd taking orders. Shoegaze trio Spunsugar played - "everyone starts off a little shy, hanging near the back and the sides before slowly being drawn forward. Heads nod and feet tap enthusiastically; there’s even a little dancing. What began with an air of uncertainty ends in triumph, joy, and chants for 'One! More! song!' Everyone orders more drinks".

Grimes was a renowned bassist and skilled at many other instruments, playing with numerous musicians in the ’50s and ’60s, including Don Cherry, Sonny Rollins, Cecil Taylor, Charles Mingus, Thelonious Monk, Gerry Mulligan, Albert Ayler, Don Cherry, Benny Goodman, Coleman Hawkins, Roy Haynes, Lee Konitz, Steve Lacy, Charles Mingus, Sunny Murray, Pharoah Sanders, Archie Shepp, and McCoy Tyner. By the end of the ’60s, however, he found himself broke in Los Angeles with a busted bass, and completely disappeared from the music scene. Many thought he had died but in the early 2000s he was found still living in Los Angeles, in a rented room doing odd jobs to make ends meet. He was given a new bass by William Parker and reemerged with new passion staying busy as a musician from then on. WBGO has his story.

Fiona Apple‘s highly anticipated new album 'Fetch the Bolt Cutters' came out at midnight, and Pitchfork gave it a rare perfect 10, their first since Kanye West’s 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' ten years ago. Why? - it's "unbound, a wild symphony of the everyday" - it features handclaps, chants, echoes, whispers, screams, breathing, jokes, and at least five dogs - "an unyielding masterpiece. No music has ever sounded quite like it". Guardian, similarly, gave it five of five stars (not so rare in their case) - call it "astonishing; as if she has returned to reinvent sound... a sudden glorious eruption". Independent, five of five stars also - "the melodies are wonderful. The lyrics, too – conversational yet precise". Consequence of Sound (an "A", this is becoming a pattern) - says it's "prescient, mordant, and unyielding judgement day for the wicked world around us and a wild birth of urgent, unconventional sound all wrapped into one".

The clip features Johnny Flynn as David Bowie in conversation with Marc Maron, who portrays his publicist Ron Oberman, Variety reports. “All it takes is one believer to change the world, right? And we’ve got two,” Maron says. “You believe in yourself, don’t you?”. Producers insist the upcoming film is not a biopic, with writer and director Gabriel Range saying in a statement - “I set out to make a film about what makes someone become an artist; what actually drives them to make their art”. If focuses on Bowie’s transformation into Ziggy Stardust in the early ’70s.

Listening to music can help people manage anxiety, become motivated and stay productive, the catch is - to make the right playlist, the Guardian reports. The songs at the beginning of the playlist should match how you're feeling, and then gradually you should alter the songs to get you into a state of productivity. Then, you should go faster, to a "power song" - in one study that examined the relationship between music tempo and productivity, most test subjects performed best while listening to songs paced at around 121bpm. Lyrics are tricky - it's best to avoid too familiar songs and choose instrumental music or songs with innocuous or subtlely performed lyrics. Still, it's music so it needs to be enjoyable. Get to work!

The soundtrack for the 1997 Studio Ghibli's animated classic 'Princess Mononoke' will be available on vinyl for the first time on July 24, The Vinyl Factory reports. Three different editions of the soundtrack are being released - the original score by composer Joe Hisaishi as it appeared on film; a 1998 symphonic suite that Hisaishi arranged for performance by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra; and the promotional 'Image' album, common in Japan, in which actors perform songs as their characters to give a sense of their personalities.

The trailer gives a glimpse into the highs, the lows and the empowerment the iconic trio faced as they rose to fame, Spin reports. Cheryl “Salt” James is played by G.G. Townson in the three-hour miniseries, Sandra “Pepa” Denton is portrayed by Laila Odom, while Monique Paul is DJ Spinderella. Mario Van Peebles will direct the miniseries.

"'Negro' is a collision course of Black punk experimentation, intersecting between jazz and rap. It's a gripping listen: The album revolves around Black anguish, as Siifu raps about police corruption and community rage" - MTV says about Pink Siifu's new album. "Black frustration needs to be heard. It’s OK to be angry. There’s a lot of stuff going on. This album is controlled chaos” - Pink Siifu himself explained. Pitchfork goes further in defining it - "the album siphons the repressed ire of Black America... It is a bracing record that is at once crushing and liberating", but, "the point is not the wrath but the bond shared by those expressing it".

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