GreenHouse Fest
April 24, 2023

How to reach carbon neutral festivals?

The season of summer festivals is fast approaching with all the great music, and the pollution it produces, Consequence spoke with a number of experts in the festival and environmental fields looking into the possibilities of carbon neutral activities and solutions:

A host city with a large and interested population - reduces the need for distant travel

Public transit options - the most effective travel option

Access to a clean-energy municipal grid - avoiding big diesel generators

Camping can help reduce electricity usage and transportation emissions from commuters

Cutting out meat and other animal products

Plentiful water refill stations are also a must, to stave off dehydration and the use of disposable bottles

Rethinking festival hours - a festival that runs from 11:00 am to sundown could do away with lighting entirely

The Face was at the Flesh, "intimate festival", which "took place in a leafy location just north of London". The - "tunes were mostly hard-hitting techno, with an indulgent dose of crowd-pleasing edits thrown in". The looks - "pretty amazing". Check out the photos.

Foo Fighters

Amazon has announced a Las Vegas music festival called Intersect. In two days of December it will be headlined by Foo Fighters, Beck, Kacey Musgraves, and Anderson .Paak. Guardian already dislikes it - "like so many other branded events today, it exists only to exploit artists and audiences... [it] values immediate sensory thrills over deep […]

100-something kids jumped the fence at Lollapalooza at once to get in. Somebody caught it all on video, and it’s since gone viral. Security doesn’t appear to stop any of them, except for one kid who has a prosthetic leg, well at first. Turns out, security caught up with them right after the events on […]

Yoga workshops, talks, therapies, spirituality, exocit and familiar food - hindu spa? No - music festivals! Womad world music festival, held in England, and Burning Man in the Nevada desert, are turning the music festival culture around from drugs, too much alcohol and bad food, to healthy practices, with attendees going home - healthier then […]

Nicki Minaj will perform in Saudi Arabia at the Jeddah World Fest on 18 July, as the ultraconservative kingdom sheds decades of restrictions on entertainment. Minaj is known for her provocative style, her lyrics are often laced with profanities, and her videos show her half, of more-than-half naked. In a tweet commenting on Minaj in […]

Strobe lighting at music festivals can increase the risk of epileptic seizures, and even people who have not been diagnosed with epilepsy might be affected, the Dutch scientific team said. Around 3% of people with epilepsy are photosensitive, which means their seizures are triggered by flashing or flickering lights, or patterns, Independent reports. Recommendation is […]

Guardian spoke to eight disabled festival-goers about the joys and challenges they encounter at music fests. One Lexi Porter had a troublesome experience - she uses a wheelchair full-time and in 2016, while she was watching Young Thug in a tent on a viewing platform a non-disabled festival-goers climbed on top to get a better […]

By 2021 Live Nation, the world's largest concert promoter, will eliminate single-use plastics at its venues and festivals. It's part of a push to achieve zero waste at Live Nation's clubs, concert halls and venues by 2030, the Spoon reports. Live Nation says it will start trialling plant-based water bottles across Europe in 2019. Live […]

Woodstock 50 organizers ignored recommendations from partners and regulators about things like the festival’s proper size, budget, number of stages, transportation plans, Spin comments after documents have been made public about the legal battle between the apparently doomed festival and the event’s erstwhile investor Dentsu Aegis. Documents show that Woodstock co-founder Michael Lang declined to reduce the […]

More than 250,000 tents get left behind by festival-goers in UK, although they can, ofcourse, be used again. The Association of Independent Festivals (represents more than 60 independent festivals) are urging big shops to stop marketing them as "festival tents" which gives the impression they can be used only once, BBC reports. AIF says the […]

Florida’s Ultra Music Festival is leaving Miami after 21 years, in search of a new permanent home in South Florida. Ultra had been primarily held at Bayfront Park, but ih 2018 the city of Miami ousted the festival from its then-home citing noise complaints among the reasons. The event relocated to Miami’s Virginia Key island […]

Former Woodstock 50 backers Dentsu Inc. pulled financial support from the festival back last month, and founder Michael Lang now alleges that the former investors “illegally swept approximately $17 million from the festival bank account.” Also, he alleges the Japanese company blocked ticket sales, advised talent to back out of lineup for potential slots in […]

Tinder has launched a new feature Festival Mode, which allows users to add participating festivals to their Tinder profiles, and that allows them to view and match with other Tinder users who have marked themselves as attending. The Tinder Festival Mode will be in use for 12 festivals both in the U.S. and the U.K. […]

The Quietus was in Malmö, Sweden to check out the fifth instalment of Intonal Festival - "The organisers have very little interest in commercial concerns, choosing instead to celebrate the weird, the underground and the experimental by showcasing artists who are challenging the ways music can be produced and experienced. And they do this in […]

Guardian made a selection of 20 best small music and arts festivals around Europe this summer. There's details about each festival, location, dates, costs... It's: Meadows in the Mountains, Bulgaria; Awake, Romania; Sacred Ground, Germany; Secret Solstice, Iceland; Uprising, Slovakia; Instytut, Poland; Ypsigrock, Sicily; Mandrea, Italy; Love International, Croatia; Horst, Belgium; Evasion, France; Parallel, Spain; […]

Guardian has a funny article about band's names of festival posters. It's about who comes first, and who has a bigger font. According to insiders, it’s the music world’s touchiest topic.

More than a third of festival-goers have sex while in attendance and half of all attendees are willing to have sex while there - an interesting information people at TickPick found out after talking to 1.000 people. It differs from one festival to another - 30 percent of Electric Forest attendees had sex while at the […]