Parliament have released their first studio album in 38 years - a new 23-track, near-two-hour album from the seminal George-Clinton-led funk unit entitled 'Medicaid Fraud Dogg' unexpectedly surfaced on streaming services yesterday. The release of the sprawling album was preceded by the band’s January comeback single 'I'M Gon Make U Sick O'Me' which features Scarface. Clinton […]

Neurosurgeons have described in detail how Michael Jackson achieved biomechanically impossible dance moves in his music video Smooth Criminal. In the 1987 routine, Jackson leans from the ankle at a 45 degree angle, while keeping his body straight as a rod. The illusion, which many have tried to copy, was thanks to specially designed shoes […]

Arctic Monkeys' new album 'Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino' sold 24,500 vinyl copies in its first week, which makes it the fastest-selling vinyl LP of the past 25 years. The record was previously held by Liam Gallagher’s 'As You Were', which sold 16,000 in its first week. Like their previous five records, it has now reached No. […]

“We didn’t necessarily go to the nice school, we didn’t get to read the cool newspaper. For me, bands like you [Metallica] told me that there is this other world that is more closely aligned with the experience that you’re having, than the one you’re being told about” - Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan told Beats1 […]

More than a third of festival-goers have sex while in attendance and half of all attendees are willing to have sex while there - an interesting information people at TickPick found out after talking to 1.000 people. It differs from one festival to another - 30 percent of Electric Forest attendees had sex while at the […]

Ed Sheeran and Kendrick Lamar were the biggest winners at the 2018 Billboard music awards, with six wins each - Sheeran got the awards in the top artist and top male artist categories, while Lamar won three rap award categories – rap artist, male rap artist and rap album. Janet Jackson made a notable speech, which alluded […]

"It’s a film principally and poignantly focused on the absence of Whitney, an aching void felt as much in life as in death. Many of us missed Whitney even before she left; this imperfect documentary preys calmly and effectively on that longing" - Guardian writes about a new documentary, Kevin Macdonald’s 'Whitney' newly premiered at Cannes. And […]

Nine Inch Nail previewed their upcoming ninth LP 'Bat Witch' with a new song, electro-jazzy 'God Break Down the Door'. Trent Reznor croons menacing lines over a dizzying mix of synths, a moaning saxophone solo and drums - "God break down the door/ You won't find the answers here – not the ones you came looking […]

Nine Inch Nails go on tour this fall with The Jesus And Mary Chain, and fans who wish to go and see them have to visit venues to purchase their tickets in person. The "physical world presale" will be held on May 19 in most cities, with the Denver date taking place on May 20. Trent […]

One fan called the new Arctic Monkeys album 'Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino’ “perfection” on Twitter, describing it as a “calm, sexy, red wine with a cigarette kind of album”.   Pointless‘ Richard Osman tweeted that ‘Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino’ was “a very pleasant surprise” and that it was “great that they’re not just treading […]

For black millennials in urban areas, he might be the definitive spokesperson. His success, and the wider success of grime, represents empowerment and equality in a way that established, mainstream – and yes, white – pop never can... Stormzy is far from an archetypal politician, but his influence is far-reaching. Ultimately, his support is testament […]

Andre 3000 has dropped a pair of songs in honor of mothers all over. The Mother's Day Anthems are called 'Me&My (To Bury Your Parents)' and 'Look Ma No Hands'. 'Me&My (To Bury Your Parents)' has a very Elton John-esque vibe, with the former OutKast rhymester singing a somber tune. 'Look Ma No Hands' is […]

Thrash-metal titans Slayer kicked of their farewell tour at the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, California, with support from Lamb Of God, Anthrax, Behemoth and Testament.  "If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be here. I wanted to thank you for everything," Tom Araya told San Diego moshpitting crowd (Loudwire). On the European leg of […]

Neil Young says he will be leaving Facebook to focus on expanding Neil Young Archives, where he has offered access to nearly all of his recorded music. Now in a new post - on Facebook - he says he will be leaving the platform, to focus on his “giant time machine cabinet” filled with “albums […]

Sigur Ros have launched a new project titled ‘Liminal’, a constantly evolving “endless” playlist which “will be built over linear time into a never-finished project of ceaseless invention.” The hour long ‘Liminal’ will reportedly be “added to frequently and endlessly", and will continue to be altered indefinitely beyond its release. "We play and sing sparsely […]

John Legend will be among six new voices coming to Google Assistant. The voices were created using WaveNet, which analyzes speech patterns and uses raw audio to generate speech that mimics typical humans delivery. Naturally, as they are apt to doing, Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen had some fun with the announcement on Twitter. Upon hearing […]

Live Nation is flirting with the idea of employing facial recognition technology to speed up admission into concerts. The entertainment company would “acquire a face image and match it against a large database in half a second.” Ostensibly, people can just enter a venue without presenting a paper ticket or a digital ticket on a cellphone. Conversely, […]

Hip-hop icon and headphone impresario Dr. Dre has lost a trademark dispute with Pennsylvania gynecologist Dr. Draion M. Burch over Burch’s attempt to trademark the name Dr. Drai. The case has been ongoing since 2015, when Dre (real name Andre Young) claimed the similarity between the names Dr. Dre and Dr. Drai could cause “confusion.” […]

On April 30, two young Native American men wearing metal band shirts were pulled from a Colorado State University campus tour and questioned by the school’s police, following a call from a mother on the tour. The two teenagers—brothers Thomas Kanewakeron Gray, 19, and Lloyd Skanahwati Gray, 17—were late to the tour after driving seven […]

Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold is offering his co-writing services to fans. “I will help you finish your song, send it to /Robin-Pecknold on SoundCloud, one a week for foreseeable future,” he posted on Instagram. “This is so fun everyone is great and music is the best” he continued, “This is a much more engaging […]

"When a US blighted by racial unrest found itself needing to win a global propaganda war, a team of musical ambassadors was assembled. The result was anything but straightforward" - Guardian writes about “cultural presentations program – the effort to export American culture as a weapon in the fight against Soviet communism". A strange idea, a […]

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Ninety-nine metal artists have banded together to sing '99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall', a 23-minute song aimed to help dog charity. The collaboration was the brainchild of Scour guitarist Derek Engemann and bassist John Jarvis, as well as Gruesome bassist Robin Mazen, all under the moniker The Boozehoundz. They recruited the likes of their Scour bandmate Philip Anselmo (Pantera, Down), Kirk Windstein (Crowbar, Down), Bill Kelliher (Mastodon), Gary Holt (Slayer, Exodus), Brendon Small (Dethklok, Galaktikon), Derrick Green (Sepultura), Mark “Barney” Greenway (Napalm Death), Mike “XCIX” Williams (EyeHateGod), Chuck Billy (Testament), and dozens more to each sing a line from the traditional drinking song. Proceeds benefit Old Dog Haven, which helps provide foster care for older dogs.

Music streaming generated $10.3 billion in revenue in the US in 2019, US households had 87.2 million subscription accounts, which, through family plans and similar packages, covered 99 million people, according to the new report by Digital Media Association (represents Amazon, Apple, Google, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube). American music fans racked up an unprecedented one trillion streams in 2019. The report predicts that U.S. music revenue will finally topple its heights-of-the-CD-empire record of $14.6 billion by 2025. Yahoo reports.

"We came around to this idea that maybe what was significant about this moment in time with records was that the person we imagined being someone who liked records was changing. And that records were becoming a people's medium rather than a weirdo's or an eccentric's medium. When Chris said, 'Well, maybe this is a story about inclusion and connection', that was the moment I leapt off the chair and said, 'That's our movie'" - co-director Kevin Smokler said about his new documentary 'Vinyl Nation' (the other co-director being Christopher Boone). It documents he rise, fall and resurgence of vinyl through the eyes of musicians, labels, manufacturers, collectors and record store clerks. It's online now.

Journalist Ken McNab goes into the nitty-gritty details of the last year of the Beatles in his book 'And in the End: The Last Days of the Beatles'. As it turns out it was - money, and the fifth Beatle. "The idea that they'd set up their own company called Apple and run it themselves, smacks of incredible naivete... They were not equipped and didn't have the skills to be business managers" - McNab tells in an All Music interview about the beginning of the end The other reason was manager Allen Klein, "the demon king... who created this terrible schism between Lennon and McCartney". The other Beatles didn't really like Yoko Ono - "McCartney had to deal with tiptoeing around this relationship with John and Yoko... Harrison walked out on the band (...) Much of the reason for that was because he couldn't stand Yoko being in the studio, and her presence stymied John's creativity and made him very passive when it came to group decisions". Finally, Lennon got into a row with McCartney when he found out the bassist has been buying Beatles' shares, ignoring the gentlemen's agreement that all the four members will keep equal parts. But, there's a lot of light in the book - "When you get to 'Abbey Road', it's amazing how they were able to put down the boxing gloves and reunite for one last album, their last letter to the world".

50 Cent is developing a new police drama centered upon Derrick Parker, the "hip-hop cop" who investigated the murders of Notorious B.I.G. and Jam Master Jay, Variety reports. Dallas Jackson has created the screenplay based on Parker and Matt Diehl's book 'Notorious C.O.P.: The Inside Story of the Tupac, Biggie, and Jam Master Jay Investigations from NYPD’s First 'Hip-Hop Cop''. The "Hip-Hop Squad" evolved into the "Rap Unit" a task force that currently investigates Hip-Hop related crimes and monitors rappers in and around New York City.

Fans have flocked to record stores across the UK for the first part of 2020’s three-day Record Store Day, NME reports. This weekend’s batch includes live David Bowie LP ‘I’m Only Dancing’, a picture disc vinyl copy of The Cure‘s ‘Seventeen Seconds’, a coloured vinyl reissue of Robyn‘s self-titled 2005 debut, two Christine And The Queens 7″ singles, plus releases by Bastille, The Fall, Elton John, Jake Bugg, Morrissey, Manic Street Preachers, Mansun and Primal Scream. Next to events will follow on September 26 and October 24. September event sees the likes of Britney Spears, Declan McKenna, The Doors, Ellie Goulding, Fleetwood Mac and Nas putting out exclusive releases, while October’s event welcomes releases from Beck and St. Vincent, Def Leppard, Eminem, Suede, Lou Reed, The Rolling Stones, Snoop Dogg and Thin Lizzy.

FKA twigs has released the video for 'Sad Day', directed by Hiro Murai; this is his first music video since directing Childish Gambino’s 'This Is America'. In the six-minute video, twigs engages in sword combat with dancer Teake, and her swordsmanship is the result of three years’ training in the art of Wushu under the guidance of Master Wu of the Shaolin Wushu Centre. “Everything I’ve previously done with my body, all the training and dancing, has led to this point” says twigs.

Power Trip climbed two separate Apple Music charts with their masterful trash metal, 2017 album 'Nightmare Logic', following the death of singer Riley Gale, Loudwire reports. 'Nightmare Logic' topped the Metal Albums chart, outselling classics such as Metallica’s 'Black Album' and Tool’s 'Lateralus'. Power Trip’s debut full length, 'Manifest Decimation', also surpassed those albums, hitting No. 2 on the Metal Albums chart. On the Rock Albums chart, 'Nightmare Logic' and 'Manifest Decimation' nabbed the No. 1 and No. 2 spots, respectively, outselling the Beatles’ 1 compilation and 'Greatest Hits' records by Journey, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac.

Sonic Youth have added 'The Whitey Album' from side project Ciccone Youth, which featured contributions from Mike Watt and J Mascis, to their Bandcamp. Ciccone Youth explored their fascination with pop culture -- and Madonna in particular -- while toying around with samplers and drum machines. The unreleased album includes a cover of Madonna's 'Into the Groove', as well as a cover of Robert Palmer's 'Addicted to Love'.

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