Middle beats
February 16, 2023

The small but dedicated experimental, alternative, and electronic music scene in Jordan’s capital


Bandcamp Daily presents the experimental electronic music scene from Amman, the capital of Jordan, one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the Levant.  It’s long been a hub for businesses and NGOs, which has had a liberalizing effect on the city, and made for the environment that created producers such as Toumba, Taymour, DJ ODDZ, and Idreesi, selected by Bandcamp. Crack Magazine recently interviewed Toumba who shared his insight of the music: “If I showed my recent stuff to someone in London, they wouldn’t recognise it as folkloric – they’d just recognise some swung drums that sound a bit left field, But someone from Jordan would be like, ‘Ah, I know this.’ That’s what I want to make.”