A great article in the New York Times about the case brought against Young Thug and his rap label YSL, accused of conspiracy to commit racketeering, gang statute violations and more. Slimelife Shawty, Unfoonk, Lil Duke, the chart-topper Gunna, and four other men associated with YSL, all pleaded guilty to a racketeering charge, some to other crimes. Each agreed that the famed Atlanta rap crew they were associated with — YSL, headed by the enigmatic star Jeffery Williams, or Young Thug — was not only a renowned hip-hop collective, but also a criminal street gang. The trial is expected to last for nine months, as Young Thug is facing a possibility of a maximum 120-year prison sentence.

In May, rapper Young Thug and 27 other men associated with his YSL (Young Stoner Life) record label were arrested and charged with 56 counts of criminal activity. The indictment alleges they have committed crimes spanning murder, attempted murder, carjacking, robbery, possession of drugs and firearms, and witness intimidation. Essentially, prosecutors allege that Young Thug is the leader of a street gang. "The artist is at the centre of one of the biggest rap court cases in music history; a legal saga that has halted his career at its commercial peak and, with his lyrics being employed against him by prosecutors, reignited the debate around using art as evidence in court" - The Fa

Anything you rap can be used against you!
August 30, 2022

USA attorney to use rap lyrics as evidence

Atlanta’s top legal representative Fanni Willis said she has no plans to stop citing rap songs' lyrics in criminal indictments any time soon, Rolling Stone reports. “I think if you decide to admit your crimes over a beat, I’m going to use it... You do not get to commit crimes in my county, and then get to decide to brag on it, which you do that for a form of intimidation and to further the gain and to not be held responsible” - Willis said during a press conference for a criminal case that does use lyrics as evidence. Her statements come months after Young Thug and Gunna were arrested for allegedly violating the RICO Act. Young Thug's lyrics were cited heavily in his indictment.

Sucidal tendencies
November 19, 2021

A sad list: The names of 21 rappers killed this year

Young Dolph

At least 21 American hip-hop artists have been murdered in 2021, or about one every other week.... If this were any other group of artists, it's hard to grasp how enormous a story it would be, hard to imagine the national sorrow and outrage. What if 21 pop singers had been murdered in the United States in 2021? Or 21 working rock guitarists? Or 21 film actors? - Matty Karas goes into the issue.

California-based producer and high school student Jai Beats has recently had hits with Rod Wave and Young Thug. Genius talked to him about his beginnings. He started producing at probably 13, using Instagram to connect with people - "I would hit up producers, artists, engineers, they were the ones who could really get my beats and loops to these artists". His first break was "a PnB Rock placement. I had a whole thing where someone scammed me out of my melody. I made a post about it, people in the industry were sharing it, and I gained a lot of exposure just from getting my loop stolen which was funny". He's 16 now - "a lot of it is really hard to balance trying to get music done and get my homework done on time. It’s a battle". Jai Beats' goal in the next five years - to be a millionaire.

Young Thug's star-studded 'Slime Language 2' debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart, earning 113,000 equivalent album units last week. The 23-track features Young Stoner Life’s artists Gunna, Yak Gotti, Lil Duke, T-Shyne and Lil Keed, as well as acts from outside the camp, including Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, Big Sean, NAV and Future. Young Thug himself performs on more than half of the album (13 of the 23 tracks), and, in turn, the set is billed on the chart to Young Thug & Various Artists, Billboard reports.

Rolling Stone tries to, partly at least, define the 2010s by specific sounds that emerged. Not that those sounds didn't exist before, it's just that in the last 10 years they got main roles. RS heard: whisper pop sounds (by Billie Eilish), sounds as lyrics in rap (Future, Young Thug), chorus devoid of human voice […]

"He’s able to wield the madness with ease, satisfying in many modes... At the core, he’s rapping as good as anyone, like he always has. After years of rappers trying to be the next Young Thug, there’s still only one" - Pitchfork gives a verdict on Atlanta rapper's seventh album 'So Much Fun' (grade 8,4 […]