Appetite for cancellation
February 17, 2023

Slash: Guns N’ Roses would have been “canceled in this day"

"I haven’t really thought about all that [scandalous stuff] that much recently. But now that you mention it, most of everything that [Guns N’ Roses] did would’ve gotten us canceled in this day and age" - G'N'R's guitarist Slash says in a new interview with Yahoo! Entertainment. He added: “We would not have fared well in this environment, for sure… on so many different levels. But I mean, a lot of things from back then would not be what you consider acceptable at this moment in time. … I’m just glad that we didn’t have the internet bac

"The history of Black rockers is crazy. Little Richard and Chuck Berry were literally risking their lives. At any point, they could have been shot by cops at the side of the road" - music journalism veteran Scott Sterling told Los Angeleno in conversation with Tony Pierce about black guitar players. And they're one the most important ones; "Bad Brains was kind of like on some Miles Davis jazz thing. Those guys could really play"; "We can talk about [Thin Lizzy's] Phil Lynott all day and twice on Sunday"; "Lenny Kravitz is a guitar hero. A lot of his great solos are themes. It’s not about blowing everyone away, it’s creating a little melodic theme that people can latch onto"; "Eddie Hazel from Parliament-Funkadelic... is one of the main dudes"; "Tom Morello is literally a guitar hero. An educated Black man who can play with Bruce Springsteen just as easily as he can play with Zach"; "Isn’t it interesting that most people don’t consider Slash a Black guitarist?".

"These two iconic, legendary English fucking rockers that have been through it all are singing about the end of their lives — 'I don't wanna die an ordinary man' — it's fucking great" - Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith said about Ozzy Osbourne's new song 'Ordinary Man'. Elton John plays the piano and sings on it, Slash plays the guitar. Smith plays the drums on the whole album.

"If I was going to name a favorite record that has been a favorite for all my life it would probably be either 'Beggars Banquet' or 'Let It Bleed' from the Rolling Stones. Actually, 'Sticky Fingers', 'Let It Bleed', 'Beggars Banquet', 'Exile on Main St.' — those four records in a row are pretty much my favorite music of all time" - Slash said about […]

Slash has confirmed that Guns N’ Roses are working on new material - “Axl, Duff, myself, and Richard have all talked about … there’s material and stuff going on already for a new record”. Don't expect a date yet: “It’s just, with Guns N’ Roses, you don’t go, ‘Oh, there’s a plan, and it’s gonna […]