Strange numbers
January 20, 2022

Adam Neely ranks polyrhythms

YouTube music theorist Adam Neely ranks polyrhythms people have sent him. His Sungazer bandmate, drummer Shawn Crowder plays those strange polyrhythms and then they rank them together. Very nerdy stuff, but still plenty of fun.

Music theorist and bass player Adam Neely went on a tour with his jazz band and played - improvised sets. They didn't play any structured songs, it was band practice every night of the tour. People seemed to appreciate it. Neely recorded it, of course.

YouTube music theorist 12tone analyses the rhythm and emphasis in James Brown's 'I Feel Good'. It's actually a reaction to another YouTube music theorist's video, Adam Neely's video on the same song. 12tone points out how analysis gets in the way of imagination.

Yet another amazing video by the music theorist Adam Neely with answers to several questions, including the one on the Stromae's new song 'Santé'. Neely explains what Stromae did with this song's rhythm to make it special. Educational and fun, as always.

"Sometimes even when things go right, you feel drained and empty, and that's ok. I had a great show at LPR with my band, but in the week that followed I didn't feel great" - music theorist and band-leader Adam Neely announces his latest video, about the feeling of emptiness after the show.

I feel theoretic
November 24, 2021

Adam Neely: Solving James Brown's rhythmic puzzle

What is the proper scansion for James Brown's 'I Feel Good'? - it is the question that nobody asked and the one Adam Neely in answering in his latest video 'Solving James Brown's rhythmic puzzle'. Neely points out that the meaning changes depending on where in the sentence we put the emphasis on.

Going easy on theory
October 31, 2021

Adam Neely: Is Adele's latest single microtonal?

A few interesting questions answered by the music theorist Adam Neely in his latest video post:

Is Adele’s Easy on me microtonal?

Who is the better bass player, Homer Simpson or Adam Neely?

How to prioritize creativity over theory?

What’s a spread triad?

The music theorist talks about working on music that explores human perception of time through irregular grooves in his latest video. Neely explains that "because they're grooves you're meant to feel them, to embody them, to move to them. With everything groove-related, when you overthink them, ever regular grooves you're kind of missing the point". It all started two decades ago with the song 'Soil' by System of a Down.

Great in school
September 29, 2021

Adam Neely: Patterns do matter!

The great music theorist is in a great mood in his latest video, where he answers several questions, including his thoughts on the phrase “music isn’t like how it used to be?”, do certain keys have “better” bass?, details on the new album by his band Sungazer, thoughts on Bach vs Mozart and similar great trivia.

Adam reethmy
September 26, 2021

Adam Neely: The psychology of extreme rhythms

YouTube music theorist talks about rhythmic thresholds in his latest video - the slowest and fastest music we're capable of processing. The slowest music we can process, Neely argues, is 33 bpm, with the fastest being at 100 milliseconds. The rhythm that feels the most natural, or "the indifference interval" is at 100 bpm. Neely also tried this borderline rhythms with the audience of his band Sungazer.

Music theory YouTuber Adam Neely and recorder player Sarah Jeffery go back centuries to explore medieval music in her latest video. They try and prove that the early classical music wasn't really that simple, dealing with "rhythmic math FUN with polyrhythms, polypulses, and medieval music!".

Geeez!!! - music theorist Adam Neely goes sooo far with fixing some well-known songs with autotune, you can't even call it sarcasm, the word just isn't strong enough. So, the songs fixed are Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love', Frank Sinatra's 'Fly Me To The Moon', Aretha Franklin's 'Respect', Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here', and Bill Withers' 'Ain’t No Sunshine'. The point: perfection destroys expression. A monster of a video!

The YouTube music theorist delivers yet another funny and clever educational video, this time about bass, the instrument he himself plays (and believes it to be the superior one). Neely tries to explain why you can't really play melodies on bass. He also translates "hmmm" into notes. Funny stuff!

The tone of the beast
August 03, 2021

Adam Neely: The great myth of the Medieval tritone ban

A great new video by the music theorist about the myth of the Medieval tritone being banned by the Catholic church. Adam Neely explains the tritone, how the myth was born, and why it is so damn persistent.

Science is golden
July 07, 2021

Adem Neely goes into beautiful chords

Music theorist Adam Neely makes music theory seem so simple and easy to understand, in general, and in his newest video as well. He talks about, and plays beautiful chords, and also talks about why deadlines are good for creativity, as well as why he thinks of himself as a musician, rather than as a YouTuber.

The great music theorist Adam Neely's jazz band Gungazer restarted touring, and he has shared a video of the band talking about how and what to perform at their The Sultan Room concert. A lot of "do ba do", "duh", and "wub" talk, but they seem to understand each other perfectly.

YouTube music theorist Adam Neely goes into "the long shadow of Western European aesthetics in the modern global musical ecosystem". Why? "Tik Tok has recently imploded over a young singer who sang harmony to Matt Maltese’s 'As the World Caves in'".

The great YouTube music theorist Adam Neely tries to explain the Neapolitan chord, and goes on to argue why it's high time for that specific chord progression to come back. Man, he talks about classical music, and still makes it just so exciting, again! Some other fun stuff too in the video...

The next level
May 14, 2021

Adam Neely: How to get good at music

The awesome YouTube musicologist Adam Neely listened to songs of nine artists, offering advice on how to make the music better, through changes in mix, places of emphasys, and even how musicians should treat their bodies while playing. And a general advice he gave - it's just music, don't take it to seriously.

The No. 1 YouTube musicologist delivers yet another fun music class, this time about "the most elegant key change in all of pop music", written by Eric Carmen and made famous by Celine Dion. Neely says it's "modal mixture, common tone, enharmonic, double chromatic, mediant modulation".

A great and fun story about creativity, putting yourself in somebody else's shoes, and having fun on the way. Son, John Mayer first released a snippet of his new song 'Use Me'. British musician Mary Spender just couldn't wait to the finished song, so she just finished it herself in John Mayer style. YouTube musicologist and jazz music bassist Adam Neely wanted to add his touch to it, so he reharmonized the version Spender wrote, explaining, of course, on the way, the whys and the hows. Great fun!

Musicians Adam Neely and Ben Levin wrote and recorded an entire album in 24 hours over a Zoom call. They streamed the whole process on Twitch, had some guests, and raised over $15,000 for Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services during the stream. The album is basically hyper-pop with added pop and jazz.

The flowers of evil
January 27, 2021

Funny and hard to listen to: Artists make ugly music

Music theorist Adam Neely made a challenge - he asked several musicians to make ugly music using the Lydian scale, which is intrinsically pretty. Music is Win, Aimee Nolte, Shubh Saran, Justice Cow and Adam Neely try really hard to make something ugly with a pretty tool.

Bring us meme and music and fun
January 24, 2021

Sea shanty music theory - it's antiphonal music perfect for TikTok

Sea shanties are antiphonal music - one where there is a call and an answer in the song - and as such perfectly fitted for TikTok, music theorist Adam Neely says in his latest video about the latest viral trend. Neely, with help from his mom, explains how it works.

Adam & learn
January 12, 2021

How to get better at playing music?

YouTuber and professional musician Adam Neely shares a video where he gives his opinion on videos musicians have sent him playing. There's classical music, gypsy-jazz, and rock played on bass, guitar, violin... Fun and pleasure even for a non-musician.

MC Don't
September 24, 2020

Why aren't there rap cover songs?

Rockers cover rock songs, jazz musicians play other jazz musicians, whereas in hip-hop it's really hard to find a rapper covering other rapper's song. Music YouTuber Adam Neely tries to explain why.

Paper's white, but the notes are black?!?
September 10, 2020

Great video: Is music theory just kinda racist?!?

Another great video by Adam Neely about white supremacy and music theory. A great topic to talk about (whether you agree with the thesis or not), starting with a comparison of Lady Gaga and Tchaikovsky.

Jazz bassist and YouTube music scholar Adam Neely published a GREAT musicsplaining video about "the worst saxophone solo of all time", Vinny Mazzetta's alternative take on the Five Satins' 'The Jones Girl'. Nelly explains in great musical detail, in a 28-minute-long musical and cultural history of the one-note solo, why it is to bad.