Guardian has a beautiful interview with Peter Doherty, who is still alive, and still on heroin. He's 40 now, and has an album out - 'Peter Doherty and the Puta Madres'. But, it's his life what they talk about, not music. Why is he still on heroin? - "Because my brain thinks I enjoy it. […]

Shortparis is a Russian indie band with members from Siberia and St. Petersburg, and, according to the Quietus, they are following in Sergey Kuryokhin's legacy of provocative performance art - "ambitious, bombastic, incredibly pretentious, erotic, thrilling, impossible to pin down, vaguely deviant, fun to dance to and full of revolutionary potential". In tQ interview the […]

“It sounds like us making music in 2019. And yes, we’re influenced by everything from Prince and Joni Mitchell to Biggie Smalls and 2Pac" producer Nico Segal says in interview with Stereogum, speaking about Intellexual, his project with Nate Fox. Segal, signed as Donnie Trumpet, has produced and played for the likes of Kanye West, […]

Guardian tells the story of Anderson .Paak, who's newest album 'Ventura' - the fourth and final named after a California beach - was just released to critical acclaim. In high school he was "that talented black kid who can rap, sing, danc", but after record labels rejected his demo he reinvented him as "the alternative […]

"I'm very attracted to moving into darkness and expressing that. But I want to do that in the context of catharsis and ultimately turn toward hope", Anoushka Shankar, one of the most recognizable names in world music, has told PopMatters in an interview about her new best-of collection 'Reflections', which chronicles her two decades as […]

"I think we are in the process of creating a more fair and equal music industry than it’s ever been in the past," Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said in an expansive new interview with the Freakonomics Radio podcast. He claims that more recording artists can make a full-time living now than they could in the […]

"I don’t use Spotify. I think all those streaming services are… the new MTV, the new gatekeepers... they’re all just ripping everyone off. You can have your online existence, but trying to suck on Spotify’s sweet sweetness is just a waste of time for me" Julian Casablancas says in a Billboard interview. The way he […]

"We want to cash in on each other’s ambitions, not shoot them down,” Lias Saoudi of Fat White Family tells in an interview with the Quietus about their new album 'Serfs Up!' coming out April 19. tQ calls it "a tremendous album, a sonic volte-face into driving, luxurious pop". Listen to their new song 'Feet' […]

Consequence of Sound picked out Los Angeles indie punk Sego as their April's Artist of The Month (isn't "indie punk" supposed to be an oxymoron?), so they made an interview with the band about coming from Utah, living in California, making a band, listening to Primus, etc. "It’s ultimately when Sego are at their most […]

“These are all upbeat rockers. They’re all pretty rich rock songs with big choruses. It’s all material that we can see being played in a club with people dancing" Interpol frontman Paul Banks said about band's new EP 'Fine Mess' coming out in may, in time for festive season. As for the lyrics of the […]

'Grey Matter', third album by British rapper Little Simz is highest-rated album by a female artist this year, according to aggregation site Metacritic (only 'Psychodrama', the debut album by fellow London rapper Dave, has a higher score). BBC talked to her about how that new album came to be and where does she see Jay-Z […]

Pitchfork talked to singer-actor-model Sky Ferreira, confident she will publish a new album this year - it will be called 'Masochism' (title is there since 2015, and she played them two songs ('Downhill Lullaby' and 'Don't Forget'). Why did it take her six years to make an album - "Sky doesn’t just want her new […]

"You don’t think you can play? Check this out. Let me show you how much I can’t play” - that's how Karen O describes a conversation with Danger Mouse before they started - recording together! “That’s our best kept secret. Neither of us can play at all, but somehow we made this record" - Karen […]

American folk singer Joan Baez is on her farewell tour Fare Thee Well performing what is expected to be her last album, 'Whistle Down the Wind'. Why so many lasts? "I’m phasing out and wanted to choose something to bookend my first album. The first [album] was a traditional folk song – the girl lost […]

The first 30 years of my life were fiercely and exclusively collaborative, I’d never done anything on my own before, and then I started learning how to do things on my own, and I realized it’s a very different mindset. So I got used to that dynamic, wrote a bunch of stuff, and I tried […]

American funk and soul singer Chaka Khan has a new album 'Hello Happiness' which "has put a new spark in my career”, as she tells the Guardian ("vital calling card to remind everyone to come hear this unearthly voice, still sizzling with spice" the say in review). There she talks about addiction - "All through the […]

“I haven’t talked about this, and I’m still processing so much stuff that I haven’t talked about. I was lonely. I needed some time” - Justin Bieber opens up in a cover-interview for Vogue. And an interesting stand on religion: “But I don’t believe in all the religious elitism and pretentiousness, like people are better […]

In an interview for American GQ, Frank Ocean explained why he decided to open his Instagram account for the public: "I feel like there was dissonance between how I was seen by the audience and where I was actually, so that contributed to the decision to make my Instagram public, for sure. But there's also […]

“There was no way that I was going to get enough attention being a rock artist in 2018 unless I did something to get people to pay attention” - 29-year-old Jered Eames says in his first interview after he had duped venues across Europe by creating fake industry backing and buzz around his band Threatin. He […]

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