Happy being older
March 13, 2023

"Nostalgia is a trampoline"

"Our nostalgia remains intimate, personal and fragile, it’s 'a sentiment of loss and displacement, a romance with one’s own fantasy'" - Washington Post's Chris Richards recently wrote a beautiful text about reunited post-hardcore bands at the Numero Twenty music festival. "Instead of a tomb, nostalgia became a trampoline — something you could jump onto with both feet, rebounding into an open future... The festival’s other big memory-smudge was out in the crowd where young attendees were outnumbered by their elders, but maybe only 3 to 1 — a division that felt most acute when the youngest ears in the house pressed toward the stage for Codeine, a band best known for making its tremendous slowness feel stark and colossal... There’s a prevailing idea that the most stylish members of today’s youth are obsessed with retrieving the lost ’90s, but let’s not forget that they’ve grown up in an over-connected century in which boredom no longer seems to exist. My guess is that the Codeine kids at Numero Twenty didn’t come to commune with the past so much as slow down the present".