Oldies were newbies
March 13, 2023

How not to lose interest in new music as we age

The Conversation offers a few pieces of advice "if you want to train your musical taste to extend beyond the old favourites of youth:

  1. Cultivate different modes of listening including in formal (concerts), focused (solitary), casual (as an accompaniment to other activity) and social settings
  2. Make listening habitual
  3. Be curious about what you’re listening to. You can help your brain form new patterns by knowing something of the story behind the music
  4. Be patient and persistent. Don’t assume because you don’t immediately like an unfamiliar piece that it’s not worth listening to. The more you listen, the better your brain will be at triggering a pleasure response
  5. Find a friend to give you recommendations. There’s a good chance you’ll listen to music suggested to you by someone you like and admire
  6. Keep listening to the music you love, but be willing to revisit long-held beliefs, particularly if you describe your musical taste in the negative (such as 'I hate jazz'); it’s likely these attitudes will stifle your joy
  7. Don’t feel you have to keep up with new music trends. We’ve 1,000 years of music to explore."