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April 03, 2021

Andre 3000: I don’t think people want records about my new glasses

Author and critic Nelson George met Andre 3000 of Outkast and had asked him about new music, but Andre expressed no interest in putting out a collection of new songs. His reason is very simple: “You write about what happens to you. Last week I got glasses. That was the big that happened to me. I don’t think people want records about my new glasses”. George believes middle-aged rapper is an oxymoron: "The youthful concerns of hip hop in the ‘90s, like the youthful concerns of trap music now, are very much tied into hot cars, fly girls and guys, the drugs of the moment, and the most current slang. Hip Hop freezes the MC, and the audience, in time because it’s composed of very specific references tied to its moment of creation. Its contemporary nature is a great strength, but a weakness too".