Grain of sand
June 24, 2020

Documentary 'Desolation Center' about a festival in the desert - "can't believe this happened"

"It's not often that a film leaves you totally envious of the people who were there, but this is one of them" - Brooklyn Vegan writes in a review of new documentary 'Desolation Center', a series of DIY shows put on in the California desert in the 1980s. Desolation Center shows were the brainchild of Stuart Swezey who has now made a documentary about the concerts and the time - Minutemen, Sonic Youth, Einstürzende Neubauten, Meat Puppets... Those desert shows were highly influential, BV argues - among those in attendance at least one of the Desolation Center shows were Perry Farrell who would go on to found Lollapalooza, and Gary Tovar who would go on to found Coachella.