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February 05, 2020

The Format reunite, announce a tour

Indie-pop band The Format staged a surprise reunion concert in Phoenix on Monday - about 150 people showed up to Hello Merch for a viewing party of The Format’s 2007 concert film 'Live at the Mayan', which just hit streaming platforms for the first time. The audience, however, got a bonus - announcement of The Format's first tour dates since going on hiatus back in 2008. What prompted the band to reunite, according to AZ Central, had happened a year ago when Nate Ruess, as he himself explained - "was driving and I was listening on random, and 'Interventions' came on… And I was listening to it and I was like ‘I should probably skip this. And I listened and I thought, ‘Holy (expletive), this kicks ass. This is totally rad'”.

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