Jazz bassist and music theorist Adam Neely shared a new video of himself "sucking" at playing metal, with the help of his friend, a metalhead Rob Scallon. He makes a full song in an hour and a half, playing all the instruments, and singing - 'I love my mom". Scallon did the same thing, just in the opposite direction - he plays jazz. Watch both videos - 50 minutes of pure music joy...

A fun new video post by Adam Neely with YouTubers giving musical advice to beginners in five words or less. Plenty of advice: listen to various music, practice a lot, love what you do and others will love it too, don't try to please somebody else, and plenty more...

Music YouTuber Rick Beato dedicated his latest video to guitarist Alan Mearns. Beato starts his video by presenting Mearns' early music - folk and straight rock - only to finish it with his latest album, which is guitar covers of JS Bach. Beato repeats the word "beautiful" several times. Quite right!

Adam Neely gives a detailed breakdown of all of their last West Coast tour expenses in his latest video. He also explores why it is so risky to tour as an independent artist in the year 2022 and why they do it anyway. However, it did almost cost them $17,000. A great video, almost terrifying at some points.

The song count
April 19, 2022

Watch new Interpol and Crosses videos

Plenty of tamed sexuality and running in the latest Interpol and ††† (Crosses) videos. New York post punk band shared 'Something Changed' from their upcoming seventh studio album with a video showing a naked pair on the run from Interpol's own Paul Banks. “Reality and reverie converge and our two lead characters find themselves in a kind of dream state – being pursued inexorably by an ominous figure (played by myself.) The lives of the three are intertwined in a nebula of fear, retribution, desire, and defiance. I’m sure you could look at a psychoanalysis, in the context of a pandemic, why an artist who typically writes morose shit might go in a different direction” - Banks explained the narrative behind the video. ††† (Crosses) also go to explore sexuality in their latest video 'Protection'.

For whom the decibel tolls?
April 18, 2022

12tone: Why does metal have to be so loud?

"Turning the volume down on a brutal metal riff feels almost sacrilegious, like it's disrespectful to the music to hear it at anything but full volume. But why? Many genres can be enjoyed perfectly fine at a nice, comfortably quiet level, but metal resists that, and metalheads reject those efforts. So what's going on? Why does metal only work when it's loud as hell?" - music theorist 12tone asks in his latest video. Watch it below!

YouTube music theorist shared a video of his band Band Practice playing a gig in New York that's essentially - band practice. Also, in the video, prior to the concert they talk about what to play at the gig, although it's practice. Cool and funny stuff!

In the latest edition of his How to Get Good at Music segment, music theorist Adam Neely and his guest Christian Li argue there are no rules in music, it's the context that matters. Neely and Li emphasize that music needs to be alive, rather than just a series of notes.

Alewya released her new video for 'Zuggy', a guitar-ornamented afro-beat song, shot in an industrial setting. A solo dancer is surrounded by Alewya's works. 'Zuggy’ is taken from her EP ‘Panther in Mode’.

Beyond the lines
March 21, 2022

12tone: How sheet music lies to you

"The process of turning music into notation and then back into music is hazardous, and while it's still a very useful tool, we should really talk more about the things we lose along the way" - music theorist 12tones points out in his latest video.

Whole lotta love for the planet
February 20, 2022

Watch John Paul Jones and 17 musicians do Playing for Change

John Paul Jones appears in a new Playing for Change music video, performing Led Zeppelin's 'When the Levee Breaks' alongside 17 musicians from around the world, Rock and Roll Garage reports. The video features appearances from guitarists Derek Trucks and Buffalo Nichols, drummer Stephen Perkins, harmonica player Ben Lee, singer Susan Tedeschi, singer Elle Marja Eira, slide guitarist Keith Secola, vocalist Mihirangi and others. Playing For Change is a multimedia music project, featuring musicians and singers from across the globe, with the mission to connect the world through music. The song has so far generated $34,088, all funds will benefit charity partners of Peace Through Music, including Conservation International, American Rivers, WWF, Reverb and the Playing For Change Foundation.

Above the air
February 20, 2022

12tone: Music isn't air molecules - it's art!

"One of the things that annoys me most is what I like to call the Wiggly Air Fallacy, or the idea that music can be meaningfully reduced to just its sonic components. It's not true, it's a bad way of conceptualizing music" - 12tone writes, introducing his latest video. His point, in short, is - "all that information we gathered in the context layer shapes the emotional landscape we perceive, and that, not the vibration of air molecules, is what allows music to affect us so deeply". G

YouTube music theorist Adam Neely in his latest video explores the perceptual limits of tempo, and why decimal points in BPMs are trash. Neely uses the help of good old metronome in this one.

An interesting new episode of Adam Neely's series "How to get good at music" where he is critiquing people music, this time with the help of guitarist/composer Shubh Saran. The litemotif in this video, more or less is - add more melody (coming from a progressive jazzer, really says plenty). Neely also invents a term - "movement music".

Music theorist Adam Neely answers a few quick questions, among them the one about why the intro riff from 'Drive my Car' by The Beatles so rhythmically disorienting. Also, he looks for a way to use rubato effectively without making it seem like overkill, end explains coffee addiction among musicians.

Music theorist Adam Neely shares a few pieces of advice on melodic phrasing in the 7/16 signature. Don't start every phrase on a downbeat, Neely suggests adding also to not be afraid to play laid back.

Around the YouTube in 80 seconds
January 30, 2022

YouTube star Joe Jenkins plays piano - in a balloon

20-year-old piano player Joe Jenkins from Bristol has made a career by posting videos of himself playing piano in strange places on YouTube. He's taken his piano on a boat, outside Buckingham Palace and even in a hot-air balloon. He has gained 3.9 million subscribers playing songs from video games, films, memes and anime shows in unusual places, and he doesn't actually like playing in public! BBC reports on the interesting musician.

Strange numbers
January 20, 2022

Adam Neely ranks polyrhythms

YouTube music theorist Adam Neely ranks polyrhythms people have sent him. His Sungazer bandmate, drummer Shawn Crowder plays those strange polyrhythms and then they rank them together. Very nerdy stuff, but still plenty of fun.

Music theorist and bass player Adam Neely went on a tour with his jazz band and played - improvised sets. They didn't play any structured songs, it was band practice every night of the tour. People seemed to appreciate it. Neely recorded it, of course.

Chance the Rapper made a great cover of Nelly's 'Hot in Herre' in - country rock style. CTR was performing as a guest in Jimmy Fallon’s new music and comedy variety game show series 'That’s My Jam' where the participant gets a song and completely different genre that they have to sing it in. Chance the Rapper remixed the song with an extra twang, and fake Southern accent. Great fun. Watch it below!

YouTube music theorist 12tone analyses the rhythm and emphasis in James Brown's 'I Feel Good'. It's actually a reaction to another YouTube music theorist's video, Adam Neely's video on the same song. 12tone points out how analysis gets in the way of imagination.

The first trailer for Robert Eggers' epic Viking revenge saga 'The Northman', has been released, and it features Björk making her first on-screen appearance since 2000’s 'Dancer in the Dark', playing a seeress. Alexander Skarsgård, plays Amieth, a Viking prince seeking revenge for his murdered father. The story is based on the medieval Scandinavian legend, which served as the inspiration for Shakespeare’s 'Hamlet'. Ethan Hawke plays Ameith’s father, King Horvendill, who is married to Queen Gudrun, portrayed by Nicole Kidman.

Yet another amazing video by the music theorist Adam Neely with answers to several questions, including the one on the Stromae's new song 'Santé'. Neely explains what Stromae did with this song's rhythm to make it special. Educational and fun, as always.

Mos Def and Kanye West in New York, 2002

Created by Clarence “Coodie” Simmons and Chike Ozah (aka Coodie & Chike), the three-part documentary 'Jeen-Yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy' will premiere at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival in January, Pitchfork reports. The project includes previously unreleased archival footage of the young Kanye West at work. The project, which reportedly sold for $30 million, has been in the making for 21 years. In addition to 'Jeen-Yuhs', a documentary based on Lizzie Goodman’s 2017 book 'Meet Me in the Bathroom' will ačlso premiere at Sundance next year, as well as Kathryn Ferguson’s documentary 'Nothing Compares', which examines the life and career of Sinéad O’Connor between 1987 and 1993.

"'Live From Blackalachia' is a wild imagining of what can happen when we seek not just to reclaim nature, but to re-integrate with it" - Moses Sumney says introducing his new live album recorded in the Appalachian mountains over the course of two days of summer. 'Blackalachia' covers songs from across Sumney's discography backed by a full band.

I feel theoretic
November 24, 2021

Adam Neely: Solving James Brown's rhythmic puzzle

What is the proper scansion for James Brown's 'I Feel Good'? - it is the question that nobody asked and the one Adam Neely in answering in his latest video 'Solving James Brown's rhythmic puzzle'. Neely points out that the meaning changes depending on where in the sentence we put the emphasis on.

Fred Strummer
November 05, 2021

Funny video: Guitar-strumming styles

Actor and musician Fred Armisen showed off his musical impersonations of alternative music from bands from the beginning of the 1970s to the 2000s on Jimmy Fallon. Funny stuff...

"Many instruments have defined many musical movements over the years, but there's one that's played a pivotal role in almost every one: The human voice" - 12tone introduces his latest video. "The way a singer uses their voice is one of the clearest ways of shaping a musical identity. Despite its clear significance, though, or perhaps because of it, the voice is notoriously hard to analyze" - the music theorist tries anyway.

Radiohead have shared 'Follow Me Around', one of the more anticipated tracks featured on their new archival collection, 'KID A MNESIA'. The 'OK Computer'-era song has popped up in various forms since its initial composition in 1997, but today marks the first time a proper studio version has been released. Radiohead have also premiered a video for the song starring actor Guy Pearce.

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