Madonna released new explicit video for 'God Control' where she and a group of friends are killed by a gunman on the dancefloor, Music News reports. It's directed by Jonas Akerlund, and they have a message: "Gun violence disproportionately affects children, teenagers and the marginalized in our communities... Honor the victims and demand GUN CONTROL. […]

London based experimental pop artist Lafawndah has co-directed the music video for her track ‘Daddy', and in the video her mother Zohreh dances flamenco (watch it below). She made the video in collaboration with director Claire Arnold, it's inspired by the films of Carlos Saura, and Lafawndah says that "probably like most mother-daughter relationships, the […]

YouTube Music and Universal Music Group have started a project of remastering a series of iconic music videos. The first group of videos to be remastered include works by Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson, Tom Petty, Nirvana ('Smells Like Teen Spirit' included), Beastie Boys (watch Sabotage' below), with new titles appearing each week, and over the […]

'Ever Again' starts pretty decent with Robyn singing and dancing among some Greek statues. Then she unties her Louis Vuitton silk blouse to reveal a semi-sheer embossed latex jumpsuit, as Vogue reports, and ends up with, well, almost making love to her microphone.

Famous guitarist first saw Nandi Bushell's videos, and then invited her to come jam with him in London O2 Arena where he was about to play. They're quite sweet playing together, and he seems much more excited than her. Bushell has a YouTube channel with her drum covers of rock, metal and pop songs.

German industrial rockers Rammstein and Icelandic electro band Hatari have recently made music videos about colonialism. Consequence of Sound says Rammstein's 'Auslander' falls short of the mission, with Hatari's 'Klefi/Samed' providing "a stirring example of how to make a politically charged video authentic and meaningful". Watch the videos below.

Evan Adamson played drums with his favourite band Metallica in Amsterdam, Loudwire reports. He was invited onstage for his 13th birthday, as James Hetfield feigned surprise upon turning around and not seeing Lars Ulrich behind the kit: "Oh god, Lars shrunk. They put Lars in the wash. Told them not to put him in the […]

Bruce Springsteen and the backing musicians from his new album 'Western Stars' play the title song in a bar, with scenes of Bruce driving a vintage Chevrolet El Camino though the West. The song tells the story of an aging actor that was once shot by John Wayne on screen, now he does credit card […]

Johnny Depp recorded a cover of one of David Bowie’s biggest hits, 'Heroes', together with his bandmates in the supergroup Hollywood Vampires which includes Alice Cooper and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry. They recorded it last year at Berlin’s Hansa Studios, in the same place Bowie recorded it in summer of '77, Blabbermouth reports. Video includes […]

Freddie Gibbs rides a horse, bathes in a mountain spring, hangs out with zebras, and clowns various farm workers in his new and funny video 'Crime Pays'. The song is produced by Madlib and is coming on album 'Bandana', out later this year.

The music industry now is a "totally different playing field" then 10 years ago, with less character, Katy Perry told The Sun, while releasing s new video 'Never Really Over'. So, this is how she sees music today: "I feel a little bit like 2008 was a time, and now 2019 is a totally different […]

"We on this rooftop. Man, the energy was so beautiful. It's been hard for me to watch the video, and listen to the song, but also, it's very beautiful" - DJ Khaled says of his new video 'Higher', from his new album 'Father of Asahd', out today. DJ Khaled says to Billboard how he told Nipsey […]

Flying Lotus has a new animated video for his song ‘More’ featuring Anderson .Paak. It was directed by Shinichiro Watanabe - the two worked together on 'Blade Runner: Black Out 2020'. The Japanese director says how “Flying Lotus’ sound and Anderson Paak’s rap on this track are just incredible. Their work greatly inspired me to […]

Florence + The Machine have performed 'Jenny of Oldstones' live for the first time, at Arizona Arcosanti festival this weekend, Stereogum reports. Florence Welch dedicated their remake of Game of Thrones classic 'Jenny’s Song' to Arya Stark, "who saved us all”. The song was published on 'For The Throne', 'Game of Thrones' companion album including […]

It's about being "comfortable, enjoying a peaceful day" - James Blake explains what's his latest video 'Barefoot in the Park' is about. He has Rosalia singing it with him, and in the video they go towards one another, before... something happens. 'Barefoot in the Park' is from Blake’s most recent LP 'Assume Form', and the […]

Taylor Swift published a new video today, and it has been watched more than 29 million times in 17 hours after being released. That makes it the fastest music video in history to reach more than 10 million views - reaching the milestone in just 2 hours. BBC lists all the references in the new […]

An all-star environmental video by comedian and rapper Lil Dicky has gone viral on YouTube. This animated video featuring the voices of Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Snoop Dogg and Miley Cyrus was published on YouTube on April 18 and by saturday it had more than 13 million views (watch it here). Dicky - […]

'Fire is Coming' is quite unusual, not really much music there, but still it's interesting; directed by Flying Lotus himself, which says a lot. It features David Lynch, his face distorting as he tells a story to a group of wolf-children. It comes out on album 'Flamagra' slated for May 24, which features Lynch, Solange, […]

Singer Ceili O'Connor, from the West End musical 'Cats' joined 91-year-old Denis Robinson, the "piano man" from London subway's St Pancras station, and soon the footage of the pair playing and singing went viral. Mr Robinson, of Sutton, south London, said: "It's an absolute joy. Especially in a world like we've got today, where they're […]

Australian psycho-rockers released a new video 'Planet B' and it begging with the members of the band - barking. They are dressed in orange suits, prison escapees, it seems, on the run. The song itself is quite metaly, and it doesn't appear on the original tracklist for their new album 'Fishing for Fishies', Stereogum reports. […]

'We’re Still Here' shows the former Journey frontman driving around Los Angeles and thinking about the past. Neither song nor the video are special really, but there's a nice guy feeling to the song and to the video as well, so for 3 minutes and 56 seconds of "niceguyishness" go here. Rolling Stone...

"Everyone knows loss in one way or another. This song is about that. I’d never sat with anyone as they died before, and it had an effect on me... But there’s wildness and beauty in it as well, and a deep honouring, that became the beginnings of this song" - frontman Marcus Mumford said about […]

Four weeks ago, The Prodigy's Keith Flint played his final show with the band, in Auckland, New Zealand. It was on February 5 as The Prodigy performed at Auckland’s Trusts Arena, wrapping up the Oceania leg of their world tour. NME has a selection of videos from the show. The London music site picks out […]

British director Dexter Fletcher (who famously completed 'Bohemian Rhapsody' after Bryan Singer’s departure) made a new movie biography - 'Rocketman', about Elton John. Where the Queen biopic largely kept itself rooted in reality, the first full-length trailer of 'Rocketman' shows off a more fanciful side, which fits the birth of John’s evolution from a gifted […]

Last night Nine Inch Nails they played 'The Perfect Drug' for the first time ever. The song, which Reznor wrote for the soundtrack of David Lynch’s 1997 movie 'Lost Highway', was heavily influenced by jungle, and it’s really, really hard to play live. Stereogum reports. Still, the audience at Colorado’s historic Red Rocks Amphitheater had […]

Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers performed a 15-minute solo set last week, alongside Patti Smith at the Pathway to Paris concert in Los Angeles, which focused on “the potential for cities to push for, achieve and go beyond the climate targets highlighted in the Paris agreement.” Meanwhile, Flea is set to publish his memoir this […]

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