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August 01, 2021

'Thirstier' - "the best Torres has ever been"

"'Thirstier' packs in monster hook after monster hook, with dense layers of crashing drums and whirring synths and bells-and-whistles that push each song to the next level" - Stereogum argues in favor of their latest choice for the Album of the week. Pitchfork gives the album 7.8, because it's "anthemic and euphoric, loaded with hooks and joyous reflections on love and self-discovery".


Torres covered Portishead's 'Wandering Star', made quite a different song; string arrangements on Ladybug Transistor’s 'Giovanna Please' sound like open spaces and countryside; Brutus slowed down their metal on 'Sand', but keep the intensity and melody; Channel Tres' 'Weedman' is a funny song about a “notoriously unreliable” weed dealer; another funny one - Chai's 'No More Cake' about too much make-up; Bizou features former and current members of Light FM, Smashing Pumpkins and Glaare - their new single 'Crashing Sky' puts them between pop and dark; Htiekal is a music project by the actor Lakeith Stanfield, and 'Fast Life' is his step into leftfield pop; Jessie Reyez released a retro-soul song 'Coffin' featuring Eminem; 'Only Children' by Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit is a lovely sombre song.

New York singer-songwriter Torres was playing in Berlin when travel ban from EU to USA was announced, which almost got her stuck. Eventually, she drove with her band to Amsterdam, flew to Moscow, and then to New York. The thing was she couldn't afford those expenses so she asked fans to donate money to help her and the band get back to the U.S. "The response was pretty overwhelming and immediate" - she told Pitchfork after they returned - "oh my God, people were so generous! I’m still trying to figure out what my plan is for thanking people because it’s the reason I made it home quickly and safely". So, the people are good, but she's afraid about the artists now - "musicians need to learn how to channel their energy so that they don’t lose their ability to keep making things. I guess that’s my fear, that artists will burn out because it just doesn’t feel possible anymore".

"‘Silver Tongue’ is a candid, real-time account of Scott’s relationship in the here-and-now as she documents its survival via a near-miss break-up and painful affair. It’s her most personal memoir yet" - NME writes in a review of the new album by Torres. MTV says the singer-songwriter has "never sounded more at ease — really, she's never sounded more like herself". Consequence of Sound wrote the album "feels hard and driving, like electric rain or the tension between two thunderclouds", and Exclaim appreciates how "at just nine tracks and 36 minutes, 'Silver Tongue' runs the gamut on aural and ethereal moods".