Violinist and singer Sudan Archives talks to Pitchfork about her musical style, her identity, and her urge to change. “There are people who want me to be this certain type of Black artist woman singing about hippy shit and the trees... The highest version of myself is a ghetto fabulous girl. I can’t run away from that. It’s time to show these motherfuckers who I am" - SA talks about her early fans.  On the topic of artists who stay fateful to their old sound - “that’s some pussy-ass shit right there. I’d rather make horrible songs and be feeling like I’m expressing myself and growing”; on steady pathologizing of Black creative power in every industry - “I’m not their magical nigger”.

Sudan Archives is releasing her second album this year, and one of the tracks on it is “Selfish Soul”. She talked to Song Exploder about how the idea for this song "started when she asked her boyfriend, James (who is the rapper Nocando) to shave her head. Cutting off her hair made her reflect on her whole hair story, from experiences she had as a kid, to the cultural and racial issues that have historically surrounded Black women’s hair".

The Los Angeles-bases violinist/vocalist Sudan Archives releases her debut album 'Athena' this week, inspired by Sudanese fiddlers, R&B, West African rhythms, experimental electronic music, but, sonically, it leans mostly towards r'n'b. Her first strength, the Quietus writes, is her violin - "it’s apparent that she has absorbed the potential of the violin and fits it […]

'Glorious' is the latest single by American r'n'b singer Sudan Archives, a "slicing and boisterous [song], Parks’ impressive violin-playing serving as the pivot that the entire track hangs around", as Stereogum puts it. Her Bandcamp profile says she is self-taught on the violin, inspired by Sudanese fiddlers, R&B, West African rhythms, and experimental electronic music. […]

Violinist, singer, songwriter and producer Sudan Archives has announced her debut album, 'Athena', out November 1 via Stones Throw Records, Fact Magazine reports. 'Athena' explores duality, a concept Sudan has long been familiar with as an identical twin, it was produced by Washed Out, Paul White and Rodaidh McDonald, and Sudan says the full-length is “more […]