Happy new list
January 24, 2023

25 artists to watch this year

Liv.e/Akai Solo

Pitchfork has chosen 25 artists they’re "keeping a keen eye on this year... from twisted R&B auteur Liv.e to club rap regenerator Bandmanrill to indie rock realists Wednesday". Some are quite new in music like Akai Solo, and Grace Ives, a few have been around for a while but this year just might be the one for them, like Yasmin Williams, and Soul Glo.

Defying high expectations
December 20, 2022

Brooklyn Vegan chooses 50 best punk albums of 2022

"In the punk world, 2022 was a year of innovation, a year of new generations staking their claim, a year of new trends emerging and old trends making comebacks. For the purposes of this list, "punk" incorporates punk, pop punk, indie-punk, emo, hardcore, post-hardcore, screamo, metalcore, ska-punk, and various other microgenres that fall under those" - Brooklyn Vegan introduces their list of 50 best punk albums. The top 10 are:

10. The Interrupters - 'In The Wild'

9. Pinkshift - 'Love Me Forever'

8. JER - 'Bothered / Unbothered'

7. The Wonder Years - 'The Hum Goes On Forever'

6. Pool Kids - 'Pool Kids'

5. Mindforce - 'New Lords'

4. The Callous Daoboys - 'Celebrity Therapist'

3. Drug Church - 'Hygiene'

2. Anxious - 'Little Green House'

  1. Soul Glo - 'Diaspora Problems'

"The best songs on 'Diaspora Problems' master this balance of chaotic hardcore with more approachable hooks and a wide palette of non-hardcore styles" - Consequence reviews the new album by the Philadelphia band. Exclaim believes the album makes them "one of the most important heavy bands in 2022". Ian Cohen calls it "staggering... a ticking time bomb hurled by a band tired of waiting on solutions and taking power into its own hands". The band is very political, what they emphasize in the Guardian interview: "The real political character of America is just sheer apathy and a focus on oneself, for the sake of survival”.