Singer-songwriter Noah Kahan went viral with his song 'Stick Season' with one of his videos having over 10 million plays on TikTok, and the song over 100 million streams on Spotify. In the Song Exploder episode about his hit song, Kahan talks about that part of the year between autumn and winter, and about his influences life Counting Crows, and Paul Simon. He also shares his bracingly honest appraisal of the winding path he took — in his life, and in his music — to get to where he is now.

Zambian songwriter, rapper, and singer Sampa the Great in the latest episode of Song Exploder tells the story of her song 'Let Me Be Great'. Sampa the Great and producer Mag44 break down the song, which features vocals from legendary West African singer Angélique Kidjo. Sampa the Great speaks about how she went from being defensive about her culture in her music to celebrating it.

King Princess is the latest featured artist on Song Exploder with her song 'Let Us Die' which she wrote in a special place on a lake, while having relationship issues. Mikaela Straus breaks down the song, along with two of her collaborators on it: co-producer and co-writer Ethan Gruska, and multi-Grammy winning producer Mark Ronson. The song features Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins on drums, who died afterward. Also, Straus' father Oliver, gave the key engineering advice.

Sudan Archives is releasing her second album this year, and one of the tracks on it is “Selfish Soul”. She talked to Song Exploder about how the idea for this song "started when she asked her boyfriend, James (who is the rapper Nocando) to shave her head. Cutting off her hair made her reflect on her whole hair story, from experiences she had as a kid, to the cultural and racial issues that have historically surrounded Black women’s hair".

A beautiful and insightful TED talk by Hrishikesh Hirway, creator of Song Exploder, a podcast about the creative process of songwriting. He talks about how important it is to be fully engaged when listening to a song, and compares it to listening to people, giving them full attention and effort. He also plays one of his songs and goes into the construction of it. Great stuff!

Song Exploder podcast shared a "very different and special episode of the show" - about John Lennon song 'God'. Song Exploder have never tried making a posthumous episode before, because hearing directly from the artist is at the heart of the show. However, with all the John Lennon interview archives, plus all the isolated tracks from the recordings, and the original demo, it turned out a legitimate, different and special episode of the show.

Two thumbs up
September 25, 2021

An emotive story about Lucy Dacus' 'Thumbs'

In the latest episode of Song Exploder, singer-songwriter Lucy Dacus tells the story of her song 'Thumbs' from the her new album 'Home Video'. It's about her making company to a friend meeting an away-father. It's really an emotive story, and intriguing insight into the making-process of a song.

Song podcaster
March 25, 2021

Jon Batiste: How we made 'We Are'

Now Orleans pianist and composer Jon Batiste, also the musical host of 'Late Show with Stephen Colbert', describes how he made his empowering song 'We Are' at the latest episode of Song Exploder. Batiste talks about "how he drew from his roots, at a very personal level — and at a cultural, historical level — and wove all of it into the song".

Exploring the explosion
October 12, 2020

Song Exploder podcast moved to Netflix

Song Exploder is a music podcast featuring musicians talking about the creative process behind an individual song while "deconstructing" the song into its component parts. The songs vary a lot - pop, hardcore punk, metal, r'n'b, etc. This month SE had moved to Netflix to become a documentary.