Pakistani American singer Arooj Aftab is rejoined by her collaborators - jazz pianist Vijay Iyer and synth player Shahzad Ismaily - on her new album 'Love In Exile', a "sort of beautiful, strange sonic landscape made from strings, keys, and breath," as Rolling Stone puts it. Guardian hears tenderness, calling the album "the sound of a trio playing in gentle harmony... Aftab, Iyer and Ismaily reveal the beauty in quietude".

Pianist Vijay Iyer, bassist and synth player Shahzad Ismaily, and vocalist Arooj Aftab have related their first collaborative track - beautiful 'To Remain/To Return' from their debut 'Love In Exile', recorded live in the studio with minimal edits. The song, as well as the collaborators' feelings about their album are quite promising. “Making music with Arooj and Shahzad is nothing less than an out-of-body experience. I’m weirdly in awe of our unhurried, mysterious creations; they seem to arrive fully formed from somewhere else" - Iyer says. "This piece holds, at its core, the delicately unfolding emotion of separation anxiety induced fury (see: love, self exile) between two people who are deeply connected. One is leaving and the other is asking them to stay. The former is saying ‘I will leave but I will also return’; in better form for the both of us” - Aftab says about the song. Ismaily adds, "We all provide the best we can. In my case it's euclidean rhythms, crystals to hold the oceanic beauty of Vijay's keys and the silent raven of Arooj's voice. We grow to the company that we keep; I am both fortunate and grateful".