British actor and MC Riz Ahmed is critically lauded for his portrayal of a drummer who goes deaf in movie 'Sound of Metal', but the role also broadened himself. "When I started talking about things in my life or even in [the character] Ruben's life that were emotional, I found myself really physically getting emotional, tearing up at times in a way that I would not have if I was just verbally communicating", Ahmed said, adding - "in some ways, a fuller kind of communication — a more embodied kind of communication — is possible within deaf culture and signing culture".

'Looked Over Your Shoulder' is signed by Busta Rhymes, when maybe it's more a Kendrick Lamar/Michael Jackson song (it heavily samples 'I'll Be There'); 'Happy' is Danny Elfman's first new song in 36 years, accompanied by a spooky video; 'Babylon Exists' by The Late One is an activist reggae ballad with a strong political message; yet another protest song 'New America' sees the underestimated newcomer A$AP Twelvyy getting a helping mic from Conway the Machine; Karen O and Willie Nelson covered the iconic David Bowie and Queen classic 'Under Pressure'; an awesome video of icy soundworld by Dan Holdsworth for a Patten song 'Cerulean'; R-Mean features Method Man in good form on 'Circus'; 'Evans a Gift' by Loud Tides is a smoothy jazzy song; Riz Ahmed is moody, affirming the basics on 'Once Kings'; Patrick Watson drops a soothing piano on 'Lost With You'.

“My people built the west – we even gave the skinheads swastikas”
March 08, 2020

Riz Ahmed's 'The Long Goodbye' - "a harsh, funny, vehement rap record about breaking up with racist Britain"

"UK hip-hop and albums bemoaning the current state of things are two crowded markets: 'The Long Goodbye' is potent, original and timely enough to stand out in both" - Alexis Petridis argues in favor of his latest album of the week choice, a great record lyrically. Telegraph declares Riz Ahmed a "master rapper" for his "angry, funny, clever and, at times, swaggeringly brutal examination of a national identity crisis", whereas the NME likes the sonic side of the album - "the high-tempo, energetic sounds throughout match Ahmed’s razor-sharp lyrics and fast-paced rhymes".