"For much of her career, U.S. Girls has been an exploration of female violence and rage. 'Heavy Light' lives in that period of emptiness that comes after" - Pitchfork says about their latest Best new music choice. "So much of being alive is an exercise in denying the existence of personal trauma. Collective trauma, Remy seems to suggest, is the reason for the fracturing of our society" the P concludes about the experimental pop record.

London producer "has developed a singular sensibility: inquisitive, inventive, attuned to textural nuance and the power of a well-timed surprise" with her debut, which earned her Pitchfork's "Best new music" banner (grade 8.3). The P especially likes "that uncommon tempo, pitched somewhere between techno and drum’n’bass... an inspired choice" and "the album’s unsentimental polish", making for "that rarest of creatures in electronic music: something we haven’t actually heard before".

Makaya McCraven / Gil Scott-Heron

"The Chicago drummer and producer transforms Gil-Scott Heron's final album into a masterpiece of dirty blues, spiritual jazz, and deep yearning" - Pitchfork says in a review (8.6) of the last album by Gil-Scott Herron (2010), thoroughly reimagined by Makaya McCraven. Lyrically - "the ability to live with contradictions and give them life with his words is part of what made Scott-Heron’s work special, and McCraven’s music inhabits that complicated space and keeps its sharp edges intact".

"We fall in love again and again because a little self-sabotage never stopped anyone" - Pitchfork says about Angel Olsen's new album 'All Mirror' (gave it their "Best New Music" tag, grade 8,9 of 10). "Olsen suggests that nihilism and optimism are closer than you think, that what feels like knowing yourself is almost always […]

Norwegian avant-garde artist Jenny Hval has a new album out, called 'The Practice of Love', and the critics like it a lot: "If she’s often felt to have been speaking from on high, Hval has never been more purely human" - The 405; "transcendental beauty" - The Independent; "some fierce poetry and song" - Clash Music; […]

"...Sings exquisitely of freedom and transformation and the wreckage of being alive. It establishes her as one of America’s greatest living songwriters" - Pitchfork chooses American singer's fifth album for their "Best New Music" segment. She's better than ever, P. says - "Lana’s pillars are intact before you even hit play: glamour, eccentricity, the absurd, […]

"He’s able to wield the madness with ease, satisfying in many modes... At the core, he’s rapping as good as anyone, like he always has. After years of rappers trying to be the next Young Thug, there’s still only one" - Pitchfork gives a verdict on Atlanta rapper's seventh album 'So Much Fun' (grade 8,4 […]

"Relentless, almost ruthless in its melodic radiance, both a testament to the power of positive thinking and a poignant reminder of its limitations" - Pitchfork says about their latest choice for Best New Music, third album by Long Island singer-songwriter Jade Lilitri. Lilitri was in an emo band prior to Oso Oso, and you can […]

Moodymann is back, five years after his last album, and after spending time outside house music. Judging by Pitchfork review, it'll take time to get the grips on it: "Song by song - even moment by moment - it shows Dixon pulling in multiple directions. The music teems with small details, but it doesn’t feel […]

"Dreams, nightmares, and sleepwalking haunt the songs of 'ANIMA', Yorke’s most ambitious and assured solo album yet. It is the darkest and tenderest music he has released outside of Radiohead, floating uneasily through the space between societal turmoil and internal monologue.... Meaty, full-blooded, often a little menacing" - Pitchfork is really into Radiohead frontman's third solo […]

"Leif’s pastel atmospheres frequently give way to deep, chest-quaking drums: layer upon layer of thrumming hand percussion, sub-bass rumble, and sampled kit" - Pitchfork says about Leif's third full length, their latest choice for Best New Music. "The mood he evokes may be blissful, wistful, or simply serene, depending upon the listener’s headspace—but the constantly […]

"He is careful and meticulous, malleable and introspective. His sound totters between drill and pop, sometimes hard, sometimes smooth. Eventually, he blurs the lines between them. All of this is on full display on his brutal, powerful debut, 'Die a Legend'" - Pitchfork says about it's latest Best New Music choice, Chicago rapper Polo G's album.

"There’s drug money, and speedboats, and ass shaking, and the U swagger. You can hear and come to appreciate his love for this place and its music. The album is so rich with the subtext of Florida, and local rap history, it feels lived in" - Pitchfork says about Denzel Curry's album 'ZUU', giving it […]

"We glimpse the artist at work during her peak—in voice, physicality, and confidence—reimagining and remixing her own catalog, decentering herself to shine a light on her influences and foundations" - Pitchfork reviews Beyoncé's new live album taken last year at Coachella. She has a documentary film, also called 'Homecoming', released simultaneously, Guardian says it shows […]

"These pieces are thick with luscious texture and assembled with a symphonic sweep, building from barely audible scrapes and clicks to epic climaxes large enough to blot out the sun. Each of the four tracks has its own dramatic arc, some subtle and some utterly titanic, and the record as a whole has a cumulative […]

"The Japanese quartet devote their second album to enthusiastic, maximalist pop with a bluntly feminist message... Chai is a band who screams yes to joy, and 'PUNK' is a record written in earnest about being yourself, loving your friends, and not caring about what anyone else thinks about the way you live your life... If […]

"The UK duo’s ambitious second album has an alluring and unclassifiable sound. Rarely has a hybrid of new wave and experimental electronic music led to such an introspective place" - Pitchfork. Listen to it here.

"Three years after releasing the soul-baring opus 'A Seat at the Table', Solange has ditched traditional song structure and world-weary lyrics for a sonically and thematically ambiguous record that feels freer, and less burdened by the white gaze" - Pitchfork.

Her music’s intimacy feels so organically abstract, it is as if the songs are distilled directly from her subconscious. While Pratt’s toolbox remains minimal she weaves these means more intricately than ever, with a firm and confident hand - Pitchfork. Hear the first single, 'This Time Around', here.

"It’s an album made after she thought she had let music go for a while, until it crept back in as a reliable constant while she started acting and scoring films, studied for a degree in psychology, embraced a fulfilling relationship, and became a parent. A lesser artist would find a cheap fulfillment narrative in […]