"Sometimes I think people are too problematic to be cancelled, or not relevant enough to be cancelled. I mean, it wouldn't even make news if he said something racist today, because he went on a racist rant in the 60s or 70s that was very famous" - Phoebe Bridgers told about Eric Clapton in a Double J interview. She added - "I have such an Eric Clapton rant, because I think it's just extremely mediocre music, but also he's a famous racist". Previously, she spoke how "John Lennon beat the [expletive] out of his first wife, and nobody really talks about it. And he was the most fake activism guy ever". But "it’s not true that only people who make [expletive] music like Eric Clapton are problematic. Daniel Johnston wouldn’t have made the music that he did if it weren’t for John Lennon, and he’s definitely the best Beatle. But you can’t deny someone is a bad person because you love their art".

Bridge over troubled bathtub
August 04, 2020

Great new video by Phoebe Bridgers

'I Know the End' is the closing song from Phoebe Bridgers' new album 'Punisher', but it sounds, and especially with the new video, it looks more like a transition. The video finds Bridgers in her now-trademark skeleton onesie sunken in a bathtub, running through an empty football stadium, finishing with a kinda strange makeout.

"This time I feel like the songs are wildly better because it’s me as an adult. I’m getting less afraid" - Phoebe Bridgers said in CoS interview about her new album, 'Punisher'. For her second record she made more energetic material - "I think it’s just more fun to play live. That might be something I learned from my collaborations: the more fun a song is to play live, the more I like it over time, whereas I get kind of exhausted playing sad songs over and over and over". Bridgers released the album earlier because - “I’m not pushing the record until things go back to ‘normal’ because I don’t think they should”, as she wrote on Twitter.

“Touring in Europe can fucking suck—sometimes you have to pay to go to the bathroom, and it’s fucking nasty when you get in there, and maybe there’s no food besides sausage for days. But I would be in a van in Europe right now in a heartbeat” - Phoebe Bridgers says in New Yorker interview about her new album 'Punisher' (out in June, no tour yet). She had decided not to delay the release of the album, but still felt weird about putting it out during a global crisis - “Here’s my thing, for your emptiness. It’s very poetic”.


Phoebe Bridgers first recorded 'Kyoto' as a ballad, then changed it into a rawky-folk thing, a good move; Members of Power Trip & Fucked Up formed Masterpiece Machine, shared debut song, a powerful, industrial rock gem 'Rotting Fruit'; Mick Harvey shared 'Turkish Theme', an appropriately titled and melancholic song; 'Gap Tooth' is dancey synth-pop by Best Ex; former The Kills member Alison Mosshart shared her debut solo single 'Rise' - tense, simple rock with an accompanying message - "When the sky is coming down on ya/baby don’t look back/we will rise”; Cindy Lee's 'I Don’t Want To Fall In Love Again' is timeless, haunting, pretty and cold; Gorillaz have impressive guests on their new single 'Aries' - UK dance-pop singer Georgia on drums, and the legendary Joy Division/New Order bassist Peter Hook; Seattle rapper Kateel looks back on his life’s journey in hip-hop banger 'I Aint Forgot'; Manga Saint Hilare goes halfway from grime to pop on 'Not Around', also looking on his younger days; Canadian singer-songwriter Camille Delean shared her graceful and disquieting 'Fault Line'; RnB singer Nylo goes with less-is-more with 'History of Sorry'.

Purity Ring

'Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America' by the 1975 and Phoebe Bridgers is just great (and a wee bit closer to what she usually does); 'Keep it Chill! (In the East Vill)' is a witty and thoughtful and hopeful new song by the singer and comic Jeffrey Lewis; instrumental trio GoGo Penguin shared their beautiful and meditative 'Kora'; the indie-star of the moment Waxahatchee covered Caroline Polachek's 'So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings'; Orville Peck released his first Columbia song 'Summertime' about "biding your time and staying hopeful"; Andrew Bird's 'Capital Crimes' touches the issue of giving IQ tests to death row inmates, whose life was spared if they scored below 70; The Tallest Man on Earth beautifully, of course, plays and sings the folk song 'Mole in the Ground'; Purity Ring's 'I Like the Devil' is piano-driven, dark electro-pop with a great video (below); 'Chosen Family' by Rina Sawayama is a grandiose ballad, which is rarely a good direction, but in this case it's a nice, catchy song with an important message; remember rap-metal? - Kool Keith and metal duo Thetan have a new take on it, with dark and slow 'Let's Take a Trip'; Thao and the Get Down Stay Down shared a psychedelic alter-pop song 'Phenom' with a video shot entirely within Zoom; 'Rider' is lush and dramatic, but Skylar Gudasz’s voice would be more than enough to dedicate two minutes for her new song; black metal turned trip hop turned synthpop band Ulver shared their new song 'Little Boy', presumably about the atomic bomb; "the drums and the bassline and the rhodes and the synths and the horns and the strings!!!" - RJD2 said about his new song '20 Grand Palace', and he's right.

The National frontman Matt Berninger is releasing a solo album 'Serpentine', produced and arranged by Booker T. Jones of Memphis soul group Booker T. & the M.G.’s, Rolling Stone reports. The first song out from it is 'Walking on a String', a collaboration with Phoebe Bridgers, which appears in Zach Galifianakis’ Netflix film 'Between Two […]

Aimee Mann

Tom Waits is turning 70 in December, so women of the world got together (well, not all women, chosen ones), and sang his songs. 'Come On Up To The House: Women Sing Waits' features Phoebe Bridgers, Aimee Mann, Iris Dement, Corinne Bailey Rae, Courtney Marie Andrews, Joseph, Rosanne Cash, Kat Edmonson, Patty Griffin (listen to her […]

Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers have a new band together called Better Oblivion Community Center. Their self-titled album with 10 song is out now, and all of the album’s packaging is about a mysterious and satirical wellness retreat. They debuted their new single 'Dylan Thomas' on Colbert (here). Backing band members include Yeah Yeah Yeahs […]