"Three weeks ago everyone talked about J. Cole’s 'The Off-Season', but the moment has now passed even though the album and rollout were praised. The people who still have 'The Off-Season' in regular rotation are Cole’s day-ones and diehard fans" - Trapital goes into the longevity of today's music, adding - "some believe that this is a quality issue, but it’s less about quality, and more about control".

"Good time, a good time / We gonna have a time" - the very first lyrics on South Carolina Ranky Tanky's title song, and album's leitmotif. PopMatters puts it simply: "Life can be rough, but it is essential to create your own good times".


"While you can find great singing in just about every genre that includes the human voice, there's something about straightforward pop that sometimes feels more like a singers' genre than its cousins" - PopMatters says in it's review of Norwegian singer Sigrid's debut 'Sucker Punch' (listen at YouTube). Just across the border there's Swedish singer, […]