Afrique docu
September 16, 2021

Mdou Moctar releases new documentary

Mdou Moctar has released a documentary on the days surrounding the release of the new album 'Afrique Victime'. The 10-minute short film shows Moctar and the band working on the album, and meeting after a months-long break. It also illustrates the geopolitical circumstances behind the record.

Khaira Arby

'Afrique Victime' is the new, awesome album by the Touareg guitarist Mdou Moctar who made a list of albums, artists, songs and styles that made him the musician he is now. The Quietus assembled the list, which includes Van Halen, Abdallah Oumbadogou ("the founder, the source of my music"), Khaira Arby ("a golden voice"), Malam Maman Barka ("insanely good, totally insane"), Bob Marley ("a revolutionary and he’s someone who loved peace"), Tinariwen ("you have to write things to encourage people").

"Far from impenetrable, the record carries listeners along on sandstorms of driving, infectious rock and roll" - RIFF Magazine reviews the new album by the Touareg guitarist (gave it 9 of 10 stars). Pitchfork branded it Best new music (grade 8.4), arguing it "captures the group’s easy chemistry and explosive energy". Rolling Stone goes idealistic in its review: "This is how free rock & roll should sound". Uncut is equally enthusiastic: "An exhilarating band set that mixes electric and acoustic instrumentation, it’s at once fiercely modern and as ancient as the Niger river". DJ Mag chose it as their Album of the month.

“Access to water is an ongoing problem in Niger, so at the moment I’m travelling around villages and trying to assist that for people" - Touareg guitarist says in the Dazed interview about his latest album, which he wanted to sound "clean but raw". Live concerts, however, are the thing he loves - "I’ve come to understand through the years that the crowd really is my energy source. The audience gives me courage to go places and hit notes I usually can’t. What happens live is unreproducible”. When not building wells, making music, or playing shows, you can hire him to serenade your wedding or rent his car for a small fee, if you like.