"Most amps sound better at volumes loud enough to fray the edge of notes with the subtle distortion that is to electric guitars what makeup is to a drag queen of a certain age... We seem to love broken voices in general: vocal cords eroded by whiskey and screaming, the junked-out weakness of certain horn players, distortion which signifies surpassing the capabilities of a tube or a speaker—voices that distort, damage, but (at least in performance) don’t actually die" - guitarist Marc Ribot makes the case for loud music in the Literary Hub.

Quite a collaboration - Tom Waits sings 'Bella Ciao' on Marc Ribot's new album 'Songs of Resistance 1948 – 2018', out September 14. This is a first new Tom Waits song in two years. It is an anti-fascist Italian folk ballad, Ribot says Waits sounds "exactly like an old ‘partigiano’!”. Listen in on Pitchfork. Video directed […]