Critics really like former Savages' debut: "A sonic poltergeist with sentiment to boot" - Clash Magazine; "Beth’s ability to glide between vulnerability and intimidation is unnerving, and adds more shades of grey to a performer who’s previously operated in black and white" - Guardian; "Lyrically and musically, it vacillates between the corporeal and the ethereal, prudence and excess, softness and severity" - Pitchfork; "The music transforms from sweet and cinematic to harsh and claustrophobic, and Beth’s voice similarly vacillates between acidic and corrosive or lush and full of yearning" - Rolling Stone.

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February 15, 2020

Jehnny Beth: Sex is a wonderful way to test yourself

"Fantasies are not real. There shouldn’t be any boundaries in that. What I’m interested in is the freedom of the imagination about sexuality and the fact that behind closed doors, when you’re not hurting anybody, you can imagine and do whatever you want"- Jehnny Beth of the Savages says about her debut solo album 'To Love Is to Live', out in May. She sees the stage similarly: “You can scare the shit out of yourself! But once you understand you’re absolutely safe, suddenly you can do anything – look at Iggy Pop. I see sex the same way – a wonderful way to test yourself. It is important because once you test yourself, you know yourself. You need that as a person and you need that as an artist”.

Savages' frontwoman Jehnny Beth will release her solo debut 'To Love Is to Live' in May, and the project started on the night David Bowie died. She stayed up until morning listening to Bowie’s 'Blackstar', which "had a huge influence in terms of reminding me how an album can be a testament, an imprint of your vision of the world, and it will last longer than you will". It inspired her to work on the solo album “as if I was going to die”. It was produced by Flood (U2, New Order) and Nine Inch Nails’ Atticus Ross because she wanted to give the album an intriguing sonic dissonance.

‘I’m The Man’ was first heard, a snippet of it at least, in UK crime show 'Peaky Blinders', and it will come out on the upcoming 'Peaky Blinders' soundtrack album, as well as on Beth's solo album, NME reports. 'I'm the Man' is an industrial song, with emphasis on guitars, and some piano to finish […]