After that awesome detour into jazzy club music with Moses Boyd, Alewya goes into the dark clubbing mode with ‘Spirit_X’; avant/hip-hop artist Moor Mother goes psychedelic on ‘Shekere’ featuring Lojii; ‘Superstate’ is a new graphic novel with 15 new songs from Graham Coxon, ‘Yoga Town’ is the first taste from it; Jamaican dancehall artist Skillibeng goes aggressive and dark on ‘Pull Up’, a collaboration with UK rapper Dutchavelli; Japanese post-metallers Mono rip it up on (khm!) ‘Riptide’; Homeboy Sandman shares an intense and jazzy ‘Lice Team, Baby’, featuring Aesop Rock.

Sarah Neufeld

Sarah Neufeld of Arcade Fire has released a new song with her Bell Orchestre project - a post-rock-meats-classical music 'V: Movement'; Ivonne Van Cleef shared 'Paracao Street', ambient lo-fi psychedelia; The Weather Station released a melancholic yet uplifting 'Atlantic'; Virgil Abloh has shared a minimal yet grand collaboration with serpentwithfeet 'Delicate Limbs'; Oxymorrons put a new twist on rap-rock with 'Green Vision'; Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman shared an MF Doom tribute song 'Ask Anyone'; Dreamwell shared some hard-hitting screamo with 'Sayaka'.