Google Search announced on Thursday that users can hum or whistle a song to their mobile devices, and Google Search will find its name and artist as well as relevant search results like music videos. The search might result in several different songs, with the percentage of probability of each song. It works like this: A user can tap the mic icon in Google’s search app or the Google search widget and either tap the “search a song” button or tap the mic button and say, “What’s this song?”. If using Google Assistant, they can say, “Hey, Google, what’s this song?” Then, the user just sings, hums, or whistles the tune for 10 to 15 seconds - and voilà.

Google beat back a lawsuit over alleged scraping of song lyrics from lyrics site Genius, according to Hollywood Reporter. Federal judge Margo Brodie in the Eastern District of New York found that while the claims of scraping were credible, the scraping did not constitute a copyright violation, since Genius isn’t the actual copyright holder, and the lawsuit was dismissed as a result.

Lyrics service Genius is suing Google for allegedly copying its song lyrics and using them in search results. Genius is asking for $50 million in damages from Google and its partner LyricFind, the Verge reports. Genius says they caught Google twice - first they placed straight and curved apostrophes within the lyrics of 301 songs […]

Genius Media Group has accused Google of stealing lyrics published on its site to populate its search engine results. Genius has asked Google in 2017 not to use lyrics taken from their platform, they sent a follow-up letter in April. Genius said that using lyrics taken from the platform violates both the company’s terms of […]