Beast Coast is the largest collective of New York rappers, taking three members of Flatbush Zombies, all two members of The Underachievers, and Pro Era’s Joey Bada$$, Kirk Knight, Nyck Caution, CJ Fly, and Powers Pleasant, and this week they released their long awaited debut album 'Escape From New York'. All Hip Hop says it's […]

His grandfather was from Bolivia, and his parents liked early jazz and Motown, he looks like an accountant, but instead he sings heartfelt, smooth soul music. He's got a debut album out, 'This Love', and a new video, 'Lonely Girl', with a - girl, mostly naked, getting out of focus. Listen to his album at […]

"For a band who did so well to combine heavy metal thunder with academic minimalism, who would have thought they could produce something so lovely? Every note sounds thoroughly gorgeous" - the Quietus reviews 'Full Upon Her Moving Lips', new album by drone metal pioneers Earth. Listen to the album at BandCamp.

"Faye Webster’s understated, self-deprecating persona almost dares you not to take her seriously... Flanked by mellow electric piano and silky horns and drowsy steel guitar, she applies her gently pleading voice to tales of soul-wrenching pain" - Consequence of Sounds reviews 'Atlanta Millionaires Club' by Atlanta indie-folk singer-songwriter. Paste Magazine talked to her about how […]

"The sound of the band is a clearly defined one, characterized by a flair for using subtle, minimalist electronics and delicate organic instrumentation to frame soft... A wonderfully accomplished and understated album which sees the band furthering their own, distinctive sound" - PopMatters gives 8 points (od 10), to Drinker's debut album 'Fragments'. The band […]

"A seven-piece band from Soweto, they have shaken up the South African music scene by mixing the ancient and modern with a real sense of danger, matching bass and percussion against furious, chanting Zulu vocals" - the Guardian reviews new album by BCUC, 'The Healing'. There are only three tracks on the album, listen to […]

"The band’s blend of technical death metal feels as ruthless as it is calculated, making for a fascinating record. As we are entering the halfway point of 2019, 'Sociopathic Constructs' can surely be considered one of the heaviest records of the year thus far. One way to think of the album is as a work of well-crafted […]

"With an arsenal of synthesizers, drum machine, sparse electric guitar, and a skeptic’s pen, he builds a plodding dystopian story of living death stoked by internet anti-reality, big pharma conspiracy, and environmental apocalypse" - Pitchfork reviews new album by minimalist folk singer-songwriter A.A. Bondy. 'Enderness' is his first in eight years, and PopMatters discusses the […]

Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan died last year, in the middle of making of band's new album, leaving all her taped vocals on a disc drive. 'In The End' is out now, and Consequence of Sound says it's a "lovely final statement, one that honors their shared legacy as unlikely alternative rock giants". The Skinny calls […]

"Electronic music can echo genuine emotional experiences - often by combining the organic and the synthetic. In the case of Model Man, their heartfelt, often profoundly beautiful electronic music, features the piano as its beating heart with all the arterial electronics and ventricular beats coursing from it" - PopMatters reviews new album by UK band. […]

"The album is a perfectly curated, succinct, and poignant picture of being a woman, and its effectiveness is a result of the full three years she took to perfect it" Consequence of Sound reviews third album by American r'n'b singer Lizzo. 'Cuz I Love You' is "purposefully compact, genre-blending, unifying, reaffirming, devoid of corniness... Lizzo […]

"'Oh My God' is an album of seeking and discovering, of affirming and negating, loss and redemption, of musical and spiritual exploration, tribute and invention, and often of running to stand still in an act of extended meditation. This ambition is both exhilarating and enervating and not everything works, but it is impossible not to […]

"There's a sense of humanity that make 'Safety' a deeply relatable and instantly lovable album... The intimacy of these songs seems inextricably linked to home recording. That's one of the many things that make the album such a beautiful, irresistible piece of work" - PopMatters picks out the newest album by Brooklyn singer-songwriter Sotto Voce. […]

The music that the Austin-based artist makes moves slow and circular, content to unfold incrementally... It glides along, guided by watery guitars and a pitter-patter of drums that sound like rain on a windowpane. It shifts from sunshine to twilight and back again - Stereogum says about Christelle Bofale's debut EP 'Swim Team'. Listen to […]

"Matmos' new record is an anthem to one of the leading causes of pollution to the planet in all its various forms. So here come the PVC pipelines, the bubble wrap, and the Styrofoam. But that is not all, with Matmos also exploring sound from silicone gel breast implants and even synthetic human fat! All […]

"It’s the sort of mood that could suspend itself over a day or month or year. And as a musical statement, it’s Kehlani casually, unhurriedly, staking her spot in that next year, or more" - Spin picks out new album by the American r'n'b singer.

"Three years after releasing the soul-baring opus 'A Seat at the Table', Solange has ditched traditional song structure and world-weary lyrics for a sonically and thematically ambiguous record that feels freer, and less burdened by the white gaze" - Pitchfork.

For the first time in almost two decades, this haywire tandem goes wild with their singularly subversive rock’n’roll... For all the admirers and imitators Royal Trux have amassed in absentia, no one else can make music like this - Pitchfork. Listen to their new song 'White Stuff' here.

"Intimate songwriting on delicate subjects intersects with bone-chilling horror—is the hallmark of Spelling’s short music career so far... Tia Cabral’s second album ['Mazy Fly'] retains the great mysticism of her songwriting. The unsettling synth textures and soundscapes fly around her soulful voice" - Pitchfork. Listen to 'Haunted Water' here.

With it's numerous subgenres and releases, it's not easy to keep track of metal releases. PopMatters helps out by picking out a number of exciting releases (wich audio). This february it's 16 metal albums, of various subgenres - prog, doom, sludge, trash, psychedelia etc.

Consequence of Sound recommends Australian rock-country singer-songwriter Julia Jackson's new album 'Crushing'. It is about "rediscovering what about herself she may have buried during a long-term relationship, without erasing the experiences that it created", a "reckoning with one’s mysterious and daunting personal potential than a reflection on someone else. Each track, in one way or […]

The Unthanks

'Lines' is a trilogy of short albums (available singly or as a set) by english folk band The Unthanks, respectively focused on the poems of Emily Bronte, those of first world war writers, and a Maxine Peake drama celebrating Hull fishworker and and campaigner Lillian Bilocca. Unthank sisters Rachel and Becky have become national treasure - […]

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