"'Radical Romantics' is essentially a collection of notes on love. Love—whether sexy, overwhelming, or vengeful—links together the recurring motivations of the Fever Ray catalog: curiosity and exploration, family born and chosen, sexual freedom and pleasure" - Pitchfork reviews the new album by Swedish artist (score 8.4, tagged Best new music). Guardian describes songs as "witty, inquisitive about physical and psychological relationships", whereas DIY Magazine points out that the album "posits the idea of love as an imperative condition for human function, and probes into both its darkest corners as well as the simple, mortal desire for affection, producing a fascinating study of electro-pop in the meantime. NME, similarly, hears "a collection of exhilarating pop vignettes examining love as a preoccupation, an unconstrained struggle and most importantly, a myth". "Even in the face of apprehension, Fever Ray has never surveyed their own future with this much conviction" - Paste Magazine insists.

"That [love] takes time and commitment, and you have to dare to show yourself being vulnerable. It’s a huge risk, because you can be rejected” - Karin Dreijer of Fever Ray says to Dazed about their forthcoming album 'Radical Romantics'. In between her last and this album, Dreijer was diagnosed with ADHD - “I learned that, with ADHD, you probably are more sensitive to stress. It’s common to be driven by doing fun stuff, and it can be hard to know your limits.” Dreijer got into therapy which was “so, so scary; it can be really horrible,” but “sometimes, you have to expose yourself to the things you’re afraid of.”