"I bought over 500 albums from 2016... and if I list my favourite albums now, most of them were released in 2016" - British comedian James Acaster writes in his new book 'Perfect Sound Whatever', and names Beyonce's 'Lemonade', Frank Ocean's critically-acclaimed 'Blonde', Kanye West, Radiohead, David Bowie's final studio album 'Blackstar', and some much […]

Jim Marshall was an American photographer, who created iconic images of rock 'n' roll stars, jazz greats, and civil rights leaders. Published nearly ten years after his death, new book 'Jim Marshall: Show Me the Picture' is a career-spanning volume that showcases hundreds of photographs: intimate portraits, heady crowd scenes, and haunting street shots evoking […]

Fierce women on stage doing their actual work. They sweat and make awkward faces. Wrinkles in their brows and the cellulite in their arms. Their eyes glaze over when the groove is strong... their eyes focus on the drummer to cue in the bridge verse. Untied shoes and precariously coiled amp cables - those are […]

American singer and poet Lydia Lunch has a new book So Real It Hurts, about everything from violent feminist revenge fantasies to diatribes on pollution and politics. The anthology “was rejected by 26 American publishers – and I’m quite happy to say that. I wanted that stamped on the front cover, actually”, she told Guardian. When […]

Common Notions in October is to publish a new book 'An Encyclopedia of Political Record Labels', written by Josh MacPhee, and which traces the parallel rise of social movements in the second half of the twentieth century and the vinyl record as the dominant form of music distribution. PopMatters brings excerpts from the book.