Katy Perry, her collaborators and her record label must pay 2.78 million dollars for 'Dark Horse' sharing elements of song 'Joyful Noise' by Christian rapper Flame. Musician and teacher Rick Beato analyzed the two songs, arguing the similarities aren't that big (watch the good analytical video below).

Beyoncé is now selling the diet she followed to prepare for her 2018 Coachella set - for $14 a month, or $99 a year, all this can be yours. Except it can’t, because Beyoncé is selling a lie, the Guardian writes about Beyoncé's latest venture. Why is it to impossible? "The performance of physical perfection […]

Guardian writes how jazz is having a moment in the UK lately. The signs? Streaming sites are reporting a growth in young listeners, mainstream artists are collaborating with jazz stars and big music festivals are signing up more jazz acts than ever. The names deserving credit the most - Sons of Kemet and The Comet […]

An interesting point made by Rolling Stone about Woodstock 99, and in a good moment since Woodstock 19 had died, it seems, before even being born: "It was, in all, a weird pre-echo of the future, maybe: hot and dry and violent and desperate. It hinted at the WTO riots that November, and a century […]

The term “world music” has become toxic, so a new word for this monthly planet-spanning roundup, however reductive, is needed - the Guardian writes in en excellent article about the music from around the globe (apart from pop music coming mostly from Europe and America). Womad festival has also stopped using the term, and Pete […]

Of the 16 singles that made the top of the US chart in the first half of 1979, only three were not disco tracks. The previous year, disco singles had been No 1 for 37 weeks out of 52. Than, on July 12 the Disco Demolition Night happened - after that, radio stations that had switched […]

Brian Eno conceptualized a new approach to music through dedicated use of tape loops and sampling, smuggling ideas previously offered by the avant-garde into the pop/rock lexicon, eventually breaking free to codify the ambient music genre and presage music created by algorithms and apps with generative music, Exclaim says in their context-article about Eno.

Funny and to the point, NME's Mark Beaumont in his latest column wants the 1980s revival to end: "The ‘80s revival has lasted far longer than the original decade itself. And that wasn’t even worth the ten years it hung about... It’s a source of unending frustration to those of us that lived through the […]

PopMatters has a great and an easy to read article about punk and industrial, the same starting points both genres had, and the different methods they used to make similar messages: "It is difficult to understand the past 40-plus years of industrial music without also recognizing its un-identical twin sibling of punk over that same […]

Bluegrass music has been considered unworthy of notice: low art, uncomfortably associated with white redneck culture, but now the things are changing - this music is becoming increasingly politically potent, because of it "fundamentally social tradition – and the democracy of the picking circle", as the Guardian points out - "bluegrass is unique in the […]

Organizers of the British festival Glastonbury banished punk band Killdren because of their lyric "kill Tory", which made the Quietus point at double standards at Glastonbury. Glasto booked a singer - Carrie Underwood who has released several songs glamorising the act of murder. tQ goes, rightfully, into travesty in the article - at Glasto headliners are […]

The Washington Post has an interesting article about something "unthinkable" twenty years ago - indie/jam crossover. "Indie rock (let’s say: everything that descends from the Velvet Underground) and jam band music (let’s say: everything that descends from the Grateful Dead) have traditionally felt incompatible, if not adversarial. Indie people are skeptical and fickle. Jam band […]

Guardian's Fiona Sturges writes about the issue of age of musicians, specifically - with men it's not an issue, unlike women where it becomes an obstacle: "Older men, with their silver hair and laughter lines, are seen as stately and wise. Women of the same age are past it and embarrassing. Today, Iggy Pop (72) […]

Although it kind of lives on in another form, iTunes as we know it is a thing of the past... iTunes was exciting during its inception, and even beyond its heyday, in the late noughties and early noughteens, when streaming services weren’t widely available on mobiles, so it still seemed novel to be able to […]

“One of the biggest stars in the world is using it [Instagram aesthetic] in their video – that might mean it’s reached its peak” - Lev Manovich, author of 'Instagram and Contemporary Image', says about Taylor Swift new video 'ME!'. Maddie Raedts, founder of the Influencer Marketing Agency (IMA), believes that perfection is no longer […]

Woodstock 50 organizers ignored recommendations from partners and regulators about things like the festival’s proper size, budget, number of stages, transportation plans, Spin comments after documents have been made public about the legal battle between the apparently doomed festival and the event’s erstwhile investor Dentsu Aegis. Documents show that Woodstock co-founder Michael Lang declined to reduce the […]

Lana Del Rey recently teased an upcoming cover of Sublime song 'Doin’ Time', a move sure to bring the 1990s ska-rock band to a new and younger group of listeners. The Ringer argues that "larger appetite for ’90s nostalgia shows no signs of abating, and people looking for a short-lived and influential band led by […]

Stereogum has a great read (in a literal sense as well) about what indie rock means today, compared to 2009, since the last week's Just Like Heaven festival had just the perfect 2009-ish line up: Phoenix, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, MGMT, Beach House, Grizzly Bear, The Rapture etc. "Just Like Heaven didn’t have to acknowledge any […]

Consequence of Sound argues that Vampire Weekend may be "the most important band of the ’00s indie era still operating at the end of the ’10s". They've maintained popularity and "level of quality while simultaneously tweaking their formula to reflect the tastes of the day within the band’s own prism of evolving talents". The others - […]

Stereogum has some strong words about Kanye West's VIP Sunday Service shows that he has been doing since January, and which he has now brought to Coachella: "If he can convince people to buy $50 socks, maybe he can also convince enough to pay tithes to his church, where his cult of fans can become […]

Madonna will perform at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, and she is expected to take the stage at the halfway mark of the final night singing a back-catalogue favorite and a new song from her upcoming album. Billboard argues that Madonna, who is managed by Guy Oseary, an Israeli-American businessman, is a […]

One fan called the new Arctic Monkeys album 'Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino’ “perfection” on Twitter, describing it as a “calm, sexy, red wine with a cigarette kind of album”.   Pointless‘ Richard Osman tweeted that ‘Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino’ was “a very pleasant surprise” and that it was “great that they’re not just treading […]

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