Crashing the walls
March 17, 2023

'Kein Morgen' - a new photo book about the 1990s club scene

“[In clubs] You see people in various states of ecstasy, loneliness to connectedness, boredom. A club or a rave is a very concentrated, condensed space where you can live out all these purely human emotions” - German photographer Werner Amann explains in MixMag the idea behind his photographs taken in 1990s techno clubs, collected in a new photo book titled 'Kein Morgen' ("no tomorrow"). Amann frequented now-legendary techno spots like E-Werk, Tresor and the annual Love Parade in Berlin, and he would also travel out of town to other parts of Germany and beyond – partying at the likes of Mayday in Dortmund, Omen in Frankfurt, underground parties in North-Rhine Westphalia, Limelight and Sound Factory in New York, to parades in Zürich and Paris.