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March 10, 2023

CEO of Splice: AI can act as a partner in the creative process

"From a distance, it might look like AI is tomorrow’s songwriter, but that’s not where it’s going. AI can still be about suggestions, acting as a partner in the creative process. It’s not about replacing musicians – it’s enabling them with more quality and more speed and less drag… turning a voice memo into a basic demo, things creators want to be able to do" - Kakul Srivastava, CEO of prominent sample marketplace Splice, says in the MBW interview. "I’m here to make software that is transformational to music creation. I know building tools that unlock creativity is really hard, because I’ve done it. But – it’s never been a better time to do this – we are in a renaissance for creativity with new capabilities coming to life every day. The things creators will be able to do tomorrow, they cannot do today".