Closed circle
February 27, 2023

'Transmissions From Total Refreshment Centre' compilation - "nostalgic yet forward-thinking"

Byron Wallen

London studio and music venue Total Refreshment Centre has just released compilation 'Transmissions From Total Refreshment Centre', produced in collaboration with Blue Note. Pitchfork hears a modern type of fusion here, with a nod to the points in the past: "What’s striking about each of the compilation’s featured artists is how thoroughly they integrate adventurous improvisation to the skittish rhythms. Groove and vibe are present but they’re not the key to the music; exploration is". Guardian says it "captures a complex, thrilling moment in a fast-expanding musical community", whereas The Quietus announces "you’ll hear genres such as jazz, hip-hop, soul, funk and drill combined, putting together an incredible gumbo of sounds that connects avant-garde jazz to the more modern sonics of contemporary London".