The song count
February 08, 2023

Sleaford Mods share 'Force 10 Navarone' featuring Dry Cleaning's Florence Shaw

Sleaford Mods have shared 'Force 10 From Navarone,' a collaborative track with Dry Cleaning's Florence Shaw that's from their upcoming album 'UK Grim', NME reports. Shaw's deadpan delivery fits right in with post-punk-meets-dance banger of a beat. "She’s the real deal and conjures the inspiration I get from the likes of Wu-Tang in the way she uses one word to convey a whole story" - Mods frontman Jason Williamson points out. As for the song, Williams says “The track is a conversation with myself coming to terms with happiness and whether it is in fact a darker space than my negativity and depression. Coupled with that it explores the myth of activism and inaction of the majority in the UK in the presence of a corrupt government.”