Sleeping sexism
January 25, 2023

Brit winner Griff: Female talent is still looked at as a product

Last year's The Rising Star winner at the Brits, singer-songwriter Griff, talks to Lyor Cohen, the Global Head of Music at YouTube. about women, creativity, songwriting, and new talent in The Face. "Female talent is still looked at as a product. So there’s so much more doubt that we could possibly be involved in the back-end of creative. And it’s frustrating. But that’s something that I’ve just tried to shut away" - Griff says. She adds "I’m trying to now be really intentional about protecting my work and not letting loads of people come in, just because the pressure is on and we need a hit song. Actually I am a producer and I am a songwriter, and the same talent that you signed, so I can still do this. So, yeah, it’s frustrating!".