Punk not beef
November 02, 2022

Show Me The Body release "sweaty and oppressive" album 'Trouble The Water'

"Invigorating and intimidating, an album that crackles with the tension of a city where money and power collide with people just trying to get by" - Stereogum writes in review of NY punks' Show Me The Body album 'Trouble The Water', which they describe as "a blend of scrappy punk and dirt-blasted electronics that adopts the cadence of hip-hop and incorporates a whole lot of banjo". Guardian hears "an exciting and urgent call to come together and kick off – at once a reflection of, and a cathartic release from, volatile times". whereas Pitchfork says the TTW populate "a swamp of chugs with weird creatures of electronica and sudden clearings of melodic, galloping punk".