Gigs bubble bursts
October 19, 2022

Rising number of cancelled tours due to rising costs, stress, a flooded market...

The Avalanches

The Guardian looks into the issue of more and more tours being canceled - Santigold canceled her holified tour, Animal Collective cancelled their UK and Europe tour, Sampa the Great is rescheduling her forthcoming European shows, the Avalanches cancelled their remaining North American tour dates, the UK rapper Stormzy nixed his upcoming Australia and New Zealand tour, Justin Bieber once again postponed his world tour. Also, a staggering number from Australia - between 1 July and 31 August last year, 32,737 Australian gigs were cancelled. The G gives several reasons - the skyrocketing cost of gas, flights, and hotels; a flooded market of delayed tours, leading to overbooked venues and audiences; and the risk of infection, alongside general exhaustion and poor mental health.