Loving it so much
October 15, 2022

Ian Cohen on ILYSM - "easily the most ambitious Wild Pink record"

"'ILYSM' spends less time staring down death and unabashedly embracing life than it does in a liminal space of illness — not necessarily cancer, but some kind of sickness, whether it’s depression or COVID or even just a nasty hangover, something to live through with the promise of reentering real life at a later date" - Ian Cohen writes in the Stereogum review of Wild Pink's new album (the album was written as frontman John Ross was treated for cancer). NPR has another perspective on the album: "In lingering, in asking the listener to linger too, to pause and take stock of the softest strums, the goldfinch and nuthatch, Ross dilates the seconds into minutes, minutes into expanses to which entire records could be devoted. If one loses a moment's edges, for an instant, they can have it forever".