Stayin' alive
September 07, 2021

Robert Plant on legacy plants: It’s like people hanging onto a life raft

Former Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant claimed in a new interview that bands who stay together too long look “sadly decrepit” when playing live. “Most musicians form a band, then they stay in the band until it’s over - 20 years, 30 years, 50 years, whatever it is - and it starts to look sadly decrepit. It’s like people hanging onto a life raft, or staying in a comfortable place” - Plant told MOJO. Several years ago, Plant swore he would never reunite with Led Zeppelin again if the offer presented itself, out of fear that their old age could squash their legacy. Plant is working with Alison Krauss now - he explained it’s fun to write songs with a fellow musician where you’ve “got nothing to lose” because there’s no expectation, NME reports.