The song count
August 14, 2021

Best new songs: Eera, Tasha, Boldy James...


Norwegian Eera became a musician although her grandfather, a conductor, told her not to, luckily she did - she shared a mighty guitar-pop song 'Ladder' from her debut album; Denzel Curry hits a bull-eye with “You don’t need to brag or dress up when all your shit flame” on ‘The Game’; EarthGang flip Erykah Baud’s ‘Window Seat’ on ‘Erykah’; Bouquet share atmospheric hardcore song ‘Southpaw’; IDHAZ goes into pop’s leftfield on ‘If I Am Afraid’; Boldy James delivers some great raps on The Alchemist produced ‘Turpentine’; just a lovely guitar-and-strings song ‘Lake Superior’ by Tasha; Carcass mix death-metal and hard-rock (death-rock?!?) on their first new song in eight years 'Dance of Ixtab'; Brooklyn rapper Ka shares a moody song 'I Notice'.