The count
April 07, 2021

Best new songs today: Sorry, Cigar Cigarette, Du Blonde...

Du Blonde

Sorry share their new EP, including the moody 'Don't Be Scared'; Cigar Cigarette teamed up with MOTHERMARY for an industrial cover of Cyndi Lauper's 'Time After Time'; Beachy Head, the new group featuring members of Slowdive, Casket Girls, and Flaming Lips, share slow and psychedelic 'All Gone'; Du Blonde shared anthemic single - 'All The Way'; Paris-based artist Poté presents his debut album with 'Young Lies', featuring Damon Albarn; Detroit rapper Bruiser Wolf shares a jazz/funky 'Syndicate' from his latest album; Mark Mallman shares sad happy song 'For Love I Will Let Love Go'; St. Lenox tackles religion from a not-so-particularly-religious point in 'Deliverance'.