Focus on the evidently good
January 16, 2021

Best new songs today: Foo Fighters, CARM, Jane Birkin...

Nice-guys Foo Fighters share a song 'Waiting on a War' which Dave Grohl wrote for his daughter who "deserves a future"; German indie The Notwist announce their first new album in seven years with mighty electronica 'Al Sur' song featuring Argentinian Juana Molina; The Antlers' 'Solstice' is like a soft and warm pillow, a song about change; CARM announced his first album with a nice-y 'Song of Trouble' featuring Sufjan Stevens; Divine shared his 'White Tiger' soundtrack contribution 'Jungle Mantra' which sounds... just what the title suggests; Jane Birkin is dramatic and charming on 'Les jeux interdits'; ASTRYD delves into "humanity reckoning with the outcome of its actions" on 'Blind Summit'.