Core to the Cloud
August 17, 2020

New generation of SoundCloud music - glitchcore

David Shawty

Glitchcore has skyrocketed from a fledgling scene into a sizable movement in just the past year - Complex looks back on the latest mini-genre sensation on SoundCloud. People also call the genre digicore and robloxcore, but what this songs have in common is "a ridiculous, infectious gridwork of glitches". Most of these artists are teens who grew up listening to pop-punk and emocore. They are David Shawty, whose tracks teem with glittering glitches and often dabble in darker hues; Osquinn who makes everything from megabouncy electro-rap to twinkling storms of low-end; Glaive - produces a synthesis of indie rock and electronic; Capoxxo, Dreamcache and Oaf1 all experiment in genre. When it all comes together, it’s both hideous and strangely winsome - like a painting that goes so far into kitsch it comes out the other side as genius.