Came with the wind
June 24, 2020

Best new songs today: Anthony Garcia, Sault, Fenne Lily, Jónsi...

Anthony Garcia

Anthony Garcia melts folk-rock and classical together on 'The Wind'; 'Hard Life' by Sault is a protest song, yet a very beautiful one; The Streets has shared his latest single 'Falling Down', featuring self-proclaimed "G-folk" singer Hak Baker; Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi has released his new single 'Swill', industrial and noisy, with a strong video; Jordan Lawlor of the M83 is set to make his solo debut as J. Laser, 'Waves & Blades' is an up-beat taste from his EP; Fenne Lily's 'Alapathy' is an upbeat indie rock about starting to smoke weed as a means to switch off your brain; math-rock meets noise-rock on 'Worship House' by Sprain; 'Money' by Widowspeak deals with seeing everything in terms of value; Gordi's 'Extraordinary Love', on the other hand, is about making someone feel exceptional.