Notorious I.N.D.
June 17, 2020

The most powerful independent music executives from 75 companies

Birdman / Fiona Prine / Noah Assad

Billboard has made a list of executives from 75 independent music companies - labels, distributors and associations - the most powerful people in indie music. Indie labels and artists - independent by their ownership through entities other than the three major music groups - account for nearly one-third of the global music market, and, according to research by MIDiA, they’ve achieved a faster rate of streaming growth on Spotify in 2019 than the majors. The people commanding them are, to name just a few, Patrick Amory from Matador Records, Bang Si-Hyuk from Big Hit, Noah Assad from Rimas, Fiona Whelan Prine from Oh Boy Records, Frabian Eli Carrión from Real Hasta La Muerte, Camille Soto Malavé from GLAD Empire, Michael Weissman from SoundCloud, Bryan “Birdman” Williams from Cash Money Records...